• Open Letter To Gov. Ambode – On The Ban of Hawkers

    Dear Governor Ambode, My name is Chidi Okereke. It appears I am writing you this letter, knowing fully well that there’s only a very slim chance it will get to you. But I will write anyway, because, even though I campaigned vigorously for Jimi Agbaje in the 2015 elections, you won me over when you […]

  • The Boyfriend Snatcher, The Snatchee, and The Snatched

    So, a certain Tayo is trending on Twitter because he is dating his ex girlfriend’s friend. Apparently, they were already sleeping with each other before he broke up with his ex, but that’s not my business. Even though the Tayo and his new bae Laila have been dating for a while, the gist only made […]

  • Twitter Analytics – My Social Media Week Masterclass Presentation

    On Thursday, at the just concluded Lagos Social Media Week, I was privileged to give a Masterclass lecture on “Understanding Analytics with Twitter”. I’d never been to a Masterclass before, not even as a student, so I felt a little nervous. I mean, what if I messed up the presentation? What if I started stammering? What […]

  • For Editi Effiong – Because #EditiInspires

    Remember when Facebook was the ultimate Social Media platform? Some time in 2009… ehn? Yes, that was when I first saw the name Editi Effiong. He was my cousin Kelechi’s good friend; Facebook suggested him and I added. We became Facebook friends, but never had any form of communication after that. Fastforward 5 years, I […]

  • Don’t Die For Them

    25/03/2015 “Don’t die for them. Yes, don’t die for them. You are not Jesus”. Jide woke up with a start. It was his late uncle again. Always coming into his dreams to give him advice. His late uncle who was the father he never had, and treated him like the son he never had. “Don’t […]

  • Last Christmas – With my Inlaws

    Jennifer and I had been dating for 2 years, and last Christmas her family asked me to come spend the holidays at their country home with them. Of course I was both excited and scared. I was going to be in the same house with my ‘in-laws’ …my father in-law especially. He was a Brigadier […]

  • Ebola: The Ripple Effect

    Based loosely on currently Happening Events 20-07-2014 A tear dropped from his left eye as he thought about Anna again. How could she be dead? How? Anna, the best sister anyone could ever have. Anna, his only sister … who made so many sacrifices to ensure he went to college and become the man he […]

  • Lagos … and my Polythene Bag

    No, I’m not a plantain boy. But I admire Timaya’s music. And I most definitely love plantain – bole’d, dodo’ed, porridge’d, or chipped. I came into Lagos 4 years ago, with nothing but a polythene bag, an Engineering degree, and a dream. Ok, it wasn’t a polythene bag, but, you’ll agree it sounds more dramatic. […]

  • I do Not – Episode 7

    I do Not – Episode 7 SEVEN “Every operation has a short cut,” the AutoCAD instructor was saying. “Tap ‘L’ and hit the ‘space bar’ to activate the line tool,” he added. “Done…?” he asked the trainees. Everyone acquiesced except Donald. “Young man … young man…” he called again, tapping Donald’s desk. “Yes … yes […]

  • I do Not – Episode 6

    I do Not They went to the Murtala Mohammed International Airport in a convoy of three cars. Bishop Obuh was chauffeured in a Peugeot 407, Mrs Obuh drove her Toyota Camry while Chinedu, Catherine and Donald rode in the Cherokee. When the female voice behind the microphone announced that passengers for the Lagos-Heathrow flight should […]

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