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Based loosely on currently Happening Events


A tear dropped from his left eye as he thought about Anna again. How could she be dead? How? Anna, the best sister anyone could ever have. Anna, his only sister … who made so many sacrifices to ensure he went to college and become the man he is today.

Anna. Dead.

What is this life?

“Tea or coffee sir…?” Munachi – the air hostess – asked, snapping him out of his reverie. He dried his eyes and gestured towards coffee. He nodded his thanks as she gave it to him and went about her business.

He took a sip of the scalding hot beverage and didn’t even flinch. All he could think of was Anna and how he wept over her cold dead body. He had flown to Monrovia immediately he was told that she was seriously ill. The doctors had initially refused to allow him see her, saying it was unsafe, but one look at them and they obliged. Patrick was a big man. In Liberia and other African countries, big men always had their way.

That all seemed like years ago though. He had given her a quick burial and was now on his way back to Nigeria. He took another sip of the coffee and this time he felt as it burned his tongue. He let out a tiny whelp and dropped the mug. It shattered, spilling its content everywhere. He quickly made to pick up the shards, but cut his forefinger in the process. He put the finger in his mouth and sucked the blood as Munachi came to his aid.

“So sorry sir,” she apologized. “Are you alright?” she gestured towards his forefinger. He nodded, stood up, and went to the restroom.

The cut wasn’t too deep, but he had plenty of blood in him, so the red liquid flowed. He picked up a Kleenex and pressed on it. It became bloodied in seconds. He dropped the tissue in the toilet bowl and collected another. After the third Kleenex, the blood had almost stopped flowing. He pressed the knob and watched as the toilet flushed. He did not notice the tiny drops of blood he left on the knob. He turned on the tap, washed his hand and turned it off. He did not notice the blood he left on the tap head either. He dried his hand and left the toilet. Munachi had cleaned up when he got back to his seat. She offered another cup of coffee but he declined and, suddenly cold, he asked for a blanket instead. She obliged him – some of the perks of not flying economy class.


Bishop Samuel Ndah of Royal Diadem Ministries had gone to Monrovia to minister at the Liberian branch of his church. It was a power packed 3 day crusade that ended with miracles, signs, wonders, and some extra dollars in his off-shore bank account. He was going to Australia in two weeks to set up another branch there.

The ministry was seriously moving. The Lord is good.

He used the toilet a few minutes after Patrick did. Of cause he washed his hand thoroughly. One of his favorite quotes was ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’, and as a Bishop of Christ, he always practiced what he preached. When he turned the tap head to close it though, he did not notice the drops of blood his fingers collected. He ate Kentucky Fried Chicken and Chips a few minutes later; chicken so good he licked his fingers afterwards, and washed it down with a bottle of the cold orange juice Munachi served him.

Two other business-class passengers used the toilet during the 165minutes flight.


Patrick was sweating when the plane landed at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos. He was sweating and shivering slightly. Munachi wanted to call the airport paramedics but he refused. He explained that he’d just buried his only sister and the past week had been hectic. It was probably fever with a shot of jet-lag. She obliged, called Aisha, her colleague, and they helped him disembark. He almost fell when they made to leave him on the tarmac. He steadied himself and told them he was fine. They left him and went back into the plane. He sort of staggered to the customs area and gave the immigration officer his passport.

The officer scrutinized Patrick’s travel papers and returned them to him. The Liberian was walking into the arrival lounge when he collapsed in a heap. It was like a joke. For a few seconds nobody reacted. Then somebody yelled and all hell broke loose.

“What happened to him? Who is he? How did it happen?” Everybody seemed to be asking at the same time as a small crowd gathered around Patrick. Jemila, an Airport security woman pushed her way through and asked everyone to back off. She checked his pulse and proceeded to give him CPR. She was doing the mouth to mouth resuscitation thing when paramedics arrived and put him on their stretcher. They took him straight to the Airport clinic, while somebody checked Patrick’s wallet for his ID. They found he was a Liberian and worked in the Liberian Embassy. They called the consulate and informed them that their countryman had collapsed in the Airport. The Liberian high commissioner immediately had him transferred to First Consultant Clinics, a private hospital at Obalende.



Dr Abdullah Isah, the Chief Medical Officer of First Consultants Hospital had just begun a complex 7 hours marathon surgery on a 13 year old boy’s lungs when Patrick was wheeled in. After the successful operation, he had taken a 6 hour break. When he came back, he started his usual ward rounds with Dr Abiye – the doctor on duty. They got to the Liberian’s ward and Dr Abiye gave his boss the man’s case file. A quick glance at it and he had an idea what was ailing the man. He pulled Dr Abiye to one side and told him in confidence what he suspected was the cause of Patrick’s ailment.

Ebola Virus.

Dr Abiye’s jaw dropped. “Jesus,” he exclaimed. “Jesus!” He had been at the waiting room when Patrick was wheeled in. He had checked his vitals and placed him on drips and stabilizers pending when a proper diagnosis was carried out. He had been in close contact with a probable carrier of the deadliest disease on earth at the moment. “Jesus!”

Dr Abdullah immediately had Patrick quarantined in a private ward. He also had every member of his staff who had been in close contact with the Liberian quarantined in another ward. He didn’t want to start a panic so he didn’t say why he was taking those measures. He just instructed the other staff not to go into those two wards without face masks, surgical gloves and disposable gowns. He called the Lagos State Ministry of Health and informed the receiver he might have a case of the Ebola Virus in his hospital. He was transferred to the commissioner of health himself who asked what had been done so far. He brought the big man up to speed and was told to maintain the status quo while the minister of health himself was informed.

Unfortunately Dr Abdullah was working with smart people. Someone put two and two together and the word ‘Ebola’ was mentioned. Less than twenty minutes later, the normally full waiting room was almost empty. Family and friends of patients who heard the rumors came and retrieved their wards. Non-Medical staff who didn’t want to risk being around a virus that dangerous suddenly became ill and asked for permission to go home. They had no plan to return until it was safe to do so.

The three nurses and two porters who were on duty when Patrick was wheeled in had gone home to their families before Dr Abdullah made his analysis. In the midst of the chaos, nobody remembered them.

Someone tweeted about the incidence, someone else retweeted it, and in minutes, the news went viral.

Ebola Virus was in Nigeria.


Munachi woke up with a nagging headache; very unusual because she almost never fell sick. She glanced at the clock, 7:19am. How did she wake up this late? She was supposed to be on the 11am Kenyan flight, and by Lagos traffic standards, she was late.

She jumped out of the bed, then fell right back in. Her head felt like someone was pounding yam in it. She waited a few minutes, then stood up again, slowly. She went through her morning routines at that pace and was ready to leave by 8:30. Nduka, her cabman had been waiting for her since 8am, the time she’d asked him to come.

“Nne, ogini…?” he asked her in igbo, when he noticed how much pain she seemed to be in.

“Onwe gi,” she replied and forced a smile, as he collected her bag and helped her into the car.

They were halfway to the Airport when she knew for certain she would be unable to fly. She called her supervisor and told him her condition. He almost yelled at her bad timing. Aisha had called in sick earlier and he had only just gotten her replacement. But remembering how hardworking Munachi usually was, he told her to go to a clinic and treat herself.

Munachi asked Nduka to take her to any good pharmacy around so she could get drugs. He found one soon enough, drove in, parked, and helped her get into the building. His phone rang and he went outside to answer it. He was negotiating fares for a trip with another customer when people inside the Pharmacy started screaming. He craned his neck to see what was happening and saw Munachi sprawled on the floor. He ended the call and rushed in.

“Wetin happen…?” he yelled to no one in particular. “Aunty Muna, ogini…?” he cradled her in his arms. “Aunty Muna….” he shook her. No response. “What happen’?” he looked up and asked again. Before he could get any response, the owner of the Pharmacy came out of a side room and asked him to bring her in. He lifted her up and took her in, leaving a trail of blood in his wake. He laid her on the bed and left the medics in the room with her. “Wetin happen?” he asked the nurse at the counter.

“She just fell down o,” the visibly shaken woman replied. “She was telling me she had headache when she suddenly fell down. Is she your wi…” she looked him up and down “…is she your madam?” she asked, immediately concluding he couldn’t be such a beautiful lady’s spouse.

He followed the direction of her eyes and noticed the blood stains on his shirt. “Blood…” he muttered. “Where this blood come from?” The nurse pointed at the spot Munachi had lain a few moments ago. There was almost a pool where her head had been. Nduka started sobbing. A few minutes later, an ambulance arrived.

Munachi died on the way to the hospital. The official cause of death was ‘Intracranial Hemorrhage secondary to head trauma from a fall with associated skull fracture and scalp bleeding’. Nobody asked why she fell in the first place. Nigerian Doctors were on strike. The few who were available had too much work on their hands.

Nduka, the pharmacist, the cleaner at the pharmacy, the paramedics and the mortuary attendants – about 8 persons – were in direct contact with Munachi’s body fluids.



Jemila was breastfeeding her five month old son when she felt like going to the toilet again – for the 4th time that morning. She passed the baby to her mother-in-law and went to relieve herself. When she came out she complained to mama who said she’d concoct some herbs for her before she returned from work at the Airport. Mama and her bitter tasting herbs she thought. She made a mental note to buy Flagyl en-route.

She never made it to the Airport.

She was collecting the purge-stopping drug from her local chemist when her eye caught the TV news headline, ‘Liberian man in Lagos being tested for Ebola’.

“Please turn the volume up”, she told the Chemist. He did. The clip went on to chronologize the Liberian’s arrival at the Lagos Airport, his collapse and subsequent transfer to a hospital at Ikoyi area. It added that from all the symptoms, he was infected with the deadly virus, and they were only waiting for official confirmation from the lab that it was indeed Ebola. Even before Patrick Sawyer’s picture was displayed on the screen, she knew it was him. She didn’t hear the chemist shouting “Iya Jumoke, your change, your change…” when she rushed out of the drug store. She whipped out her phone and dialed her husband.

“Hello … daddy, there is a problem…” she started when he answered at the 3rd ring.

In the 11 years they’d been married, Mr Paul Shaibu, a professional caterer and cook at Federal Palace Hotel, Victoria Island, had never heard those words from his wife. “Kilode…?” he asked, walking out of the kitchen.

“Remember that incidence at the Airport I told you about? The Liberian I gave first aid?”

He did. “Yes. What’s wrong?”

“I made a mistake. It happened so fast I didn’t have time to look for a medical kit and collect a protective barrier before I gave him mouth to mouth resuscitation. It is recommended that we do that to prevent cross infection, but he had a pulse, yet he was barely breathing. If I had delayed he might have died, and…”

“Mummy, calm down. Kilode…?” he cut her short.

“I just saw the man on TV. They said he has Ebola virus.” Silence at the other end. “Hello, daddy…”

“I’ll go and pick Jummie and David from school,” he began, in the calmest possible voice. “Just go to Ebony and wait. I’ll tell Dr Ugonna we’re coming. I’ll be there in 30mins.”

Paul was a numb robot when he took off his apron and walked out of the Hotel. He now understood why Jemila had been purging earlier that morning. Purge … Diarrhea …one of the symptoms of the Ebola virus. If she had it, then he had it. They’d made love the previous night. And the night before that. If they had it, then, unless a miracle happened, their 3 children, including five month old Paul Jr had it too. And his mother who had been with them for the past two months…

Paul did not hear the people yelling at him to get off the road. He did not see the Cement Truck nor hear the blaring horns either. He did not feel the impact. He died before he hit the ground. Later, when his body was deposited at the mortuary, the morgue attendant noticed some strange rashes around what was left of Paul’s lower back. He ignored it. Him don die be say him don die

After 40 minutes at Ebony Hospital, Jemila tried Paul’s number. It didn’t connect. She called mama to know if he had come home. She said he hadn’t. She called the school, they confirmed he hadn’t come to pick the kids yet. Something had happened. She felt it. She was standing up to leave when her phone rang. The caller identified himself as a Policeman and asked her to come to the Lagos Island Mortuary to identify the body of one Mr Paul Shaibu.

Her screams were heard from miles away …



One of Bishop Samuel Ndah’s most notable attribute was his strong baritone voice. On Thursday, when he woke up, he could barely speak. He had only experienced sore-throat once in his life and it surely didn’t hurt this bad. Nor did it come with weakness of the muscle and troubled breathing. He asked his wife to call his pastors. The devil was at work. That evil being didn’t want him to minister at tonight’s special service. But he was going to, whether Satan liked it or not.

The pastors came, held his hands and prayed. His condition deteriorated.

He was taken to a private hospital some hours later. The doctors are yet to realize he might have the Ebola virus. They’re still giving him treatment for Influenza.


Patrick Sawyer died and it was later confirmed by the Nigerian Government and WHO that he was indeed carrying the Ebola Virus. 30 people may have been in contact with Patrick Sawyer from the Airplane to the Hospital in Obalende. It could have been more, it could have been less. The Lagos state government is still trying to track them down.


Munachi infected Nduka and a host of others. Nduka mourned for a while, but man must wack. He still drives his cab around Lagos; he has a wife and baby back home in Anambra, and a girlfriend in Okota to take care of. He doesn’t understand why his joints and muscles have been aching him since…

Aisha, Munachi’s colleague, thinks she’s constantly weak because she is pregnant. She also thinks the rashes on her body are because she changed cosmetics. She and her banker husband have no idea…

Jemila’s children were infected. The older ones shared meals, toys and other facilities with their friends in school…the friends have friends, who have families ….

Bishop Samuel Ndah is un-quarantined and has been receiving hundreds of visitors daily; faithful members of his church who greet him with a kiss on his Episcopal ring…

The end


This story is fiction. Patrick Sawyer is indeed the first known victim of the Ebola virus in Nigeria, but other characters exist only in my imagination. Real locations have been used to make the story as realistic as possible.

One nagging question remains though: are these scenarios not possible?

Could you know someone who knows someone who currently has the virus?

I’d have abandoned my awesome new job and carried my polythene bag back to Portharcourt, but if it is in Lagos, is it not only a matter of time before it gets to other parts of Nigeria?

This is not meant to start a panic though. It is to create awareness that this virus is real and amongst us.

I appeal to the Nigerian government to take this menace seriously. As I write this, there are no equipments to diagnose the virus. There are no centers to quarantine and care for victims. There are no specialists to supervise the control of a possible epidemic. And striking doctors’ demands have still not been met.

I appeal to the Nigerian Medical Association to call off their strike. Two wrongs have never made a right. And right now, if an epidemic breaks out, you’re the only hope we have. Please put your heads together, and agree on something positive for the good of your brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and children that make up this entity called Nigeria. Once Ebola is taken care of, I’m sure the whole Nigeria would gladly go to strike with you guys.

To everyone reading this, Ebola is real. The symptoms are Fever, sore throat, headache, weakness, joint and muscle pain, chest pain, Diarrhea, rashes, troubled breathing and bleeding from the skin. There is no known cure yet. To reduce risk of infection, wash your hands as often as possible with sanitizer or soap. Always wash your fruits and vegetables before cooking. And finally, avoid contact with people with suspicious signs or those from places where there has been an outbreak.


Chidi @Chydee Ace Okereke.





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    In order to help our Embassy Community better understand some of the key points about the Ebola virus we have consulted with our medical specialists at the U S State Department and assembled this list of bullet points worded in plain language for easy comprehension. Our medical specialists remind everyone that they should be following the guideline from the center for Disease Control and the World Health Organisation.
    • The suspected reservoirs for Ebola are fruit bats.
    • Transmission to humans is thought to originate from infected bats or primates that have become infected by bats.
    • Undercooked infected bat and primate (bush) meat transmits the virus to humans.
    • Human to human transmission is only achieved by physical contact with a person who is acutely and gravely ill from the Ebola virus or their body fluids.
    • Transmission among humans is almost exclusively among caregiver family members or health care workers tending to the very ill.
    • The virus is easily killed by contact with soap, bleach, sunlight, or drying. A washing machine will kill the virus in clothing saturated with infected body fluids.
    • A person can incubate the virus without symptoms for 2-21 days, the average being 5-8 days before becoming ill. THEY ARE NOT CONTAGIOUS until they are acutely ill.
    • Only when ill does the viral load express itself first in the blood and then in other bodily fluids (to include vomit, feces, urine, breast milk, semen and sweat).
    • If you are walking around you are not infectious to others.
    • There are documented cases from Kikwit, DRC of an Ebola outbreak in a village that had the custom of children never touching an ill adult. Children living for days in small one room huts with parents who died from Ebola did not become infected.
    • You cannot contract Ebola by handling money, buying local bread or swimming in a pool.

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    Oh please! Understandable, but this is way over exaggerated! Ebola kills after about 25 days, infected persons don’t show signs of illness until about 5-8days, and they’re not infectious until they’re critically ill.

    You need to calm down with this your story oga Chidi. While your fiction writing is pretty commendable, it’s a cheap walk through for any imaginative mind.

    I strongly recommend you lull this down, get your facts straight and do a rewrite. And stop spreading fears unnecessarily. In a more civilized society you could be behind bars for this. And if this were true, you be long dead by now, my dear friend!

    1. chydee Avatar

      According to WHO, the incubation period could be as low as 2 days and as high as 21 days, after which symptoms start showing. According to this FICTITIOUS story, Munachi, the first person Patrick infected started showing signs 2 days after infection. Close but not impossible. And, ONLY Patrick died from Ebola. The other two deaths were accidents. Thanks

      1. Mike Avatar

        You can as well have an epistle on how Ebola can be infested. Trust I will be needing a copy. You are good!!!

  67. jay Avatar

    Excellent delivery! Using an actual Nigerian scenario with possible happenings to create awardness on Ebola. It didn’t just entertain, it went ahead to enlighten the reader effectively.A little exaggerated but dats d only way to get Nigerians to take it seriously though. Brilliant work chidi.

  68.  Avatar

    All I know is that you are a good writer and story teller but the only I can say is that the devil really is at work because the end is near so if you profess christ as a born again christian. Leave the life as in being holy. Stop immorality which we know is too rampant in this dispensation. Put some decorum into your life and see if God won’t fight this battle for . Live clean and zip up. God will surely protect his own .and thing you said about Anambra here is biased why will out of the 36 states use Anambra. Are you from there if yes I forgive, but if not I’ll give 24 koboko lashes.

    1. El Maximilliano Avatar
      El Maximilliano

      Why spiritualize an already “spiritual laden physical virus”..No one in the fiction had the virus via illicit sex or immorality except for the couple of which “dey inside” is allowed… Very soon Pastors will open up “Ebola aid offering” while yahoo boys have seen a new format for their spam mails…”Dear Sir, I’m the WHO coordinator of the Global Ebola Aid Camp”… One thing I’ve come to realise about our government and some very corrupt citizens is that every avenue (good or bad) is seen a money making source, just like Ebola, corruption is our major ripple effect which is in full swing.

  69. john_bazic Avatar

    Don’t know what to say bro.. But thanks for dis n d advice though.. Big up to you chydee.

  70. Rita Avatar

    Very well written piece, well done.
    I’m angry though that we are a country with inept leaders and mute followers; that we are not new to West Africa yet there was nothing put in place to check people coming from endangered countries; that we are a people who are reactive rather than proactive. I often ask if 170million people can all be foolish, but I reply myself with a resounding No each time! Pray, tell, why then do we wait until the consequences of our foolishness catches up with us? Is it that we cannot bar travel to and from affected countries? Is that even if we allow the travels to continue, we cannot quarantine all those coming from said locations until after 21 days when we are sure they do not have the deadly Ebola? Must we always wait with that irritating attitude that ‘it will pass over us’? Must we be people who fail to be concerned about things because it is not happening in our clan or immediate family? These guys are doing contact tracing now and I wonder at the tardiness to appropriately prepare for something that has been on for months in nearby Liberia. I weep for us, for our perpetual ineptitude, lack of foresight and everything else. Which way Nigeria, which way to go?

    1. Mike Avatar

      Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm this only make me to thank Godthe more for his protection ever on Nigeria. it would have been the first countries as well but He has kept us from complete destruction.

  71. peace Avatar

    Thank u very much chidee. God bless u.

  72. kunle Afolayan Avatar
    kunle Afolayan

    @chidi nice writeup (keep it up). God will Protect us All…

  73. puffylee Avatar

    Good day all, please I have a question, no insults please, can it be contacted through eye contacts with d victims or talking to victims?

    1. sammy Avatar

      How can u ask this kind of question nd not expect insults?

      1. seun Avatar


  74. Bibiana Avatar

    Really beautiful piece! I have been so paranoid since I heard of this Ebola thing. Bought sanitizers & wipes for members of my family, & I bluntly refuse anyone who offers to carry my baby when we are out even though I know they feel offended. Reading this has made me totally scared! Was getting ready to go to the salon when a friend sent me a link & urged me to read. Now I have cancelled my salon appointment & even my shopping. Chydee, what do I do o!!! I don’t want to loose any member of my family, neither do I want to die. Oh God, please help us!

  75. Idris Titus Avatar

    Nice write up Chydee. I initially hesitated in sharing cos I thought it was an overly exergerated piece. However, on a second thought, I figured, I would be helping more people think widely about protecting themselves and reporting any suspicious situation than sit down and mock the piece. I shared it on FB and the responses are amazing. Nice work and keep it up Chydee.

  76. keiskwerd Avatar

    Good job on an attempt at creating awareness however the article is fraught with problematic areas. Most worrisome is ur retaining the use of the index patient’s name! Why set yourself up deliberately for law suits? Writing at the end that it’s fiction doesn’t absolve u especially when u attribute actions that are not his without clearance. Bear in mind that this patient’s privacy was already invaded….patients have rights(we have a right as Nigerians to be informed of a virus within our midst but do we have a right to put a name and face to the patient?)Do u remember that his family is mourning and that this was not the way they imagined their family story would be adapted for a bestseller paperback?
    As regards the story itself. Kudos on u r imagination. You actually did a good job to bring things to reality.
    However because we know this story would go far and wide and may actually be the only reading some would do on Ebola, let’s state for the record that Ebola is contacted only through contact with body fluids of the infected via mucous membranes or breaks in skin. You cannot get infected from an asymptomatic individual. There is no ‘I woke up like this’ syndrome. The virus needs a minimum of 2-21days incubation before symptoms manifest.
    When you present early, you have greater chances of survival with supportive care.
    For more information please visit ebolaalert.org where you can read about, learn to prevent n chat live with your questions and actually volunteer to help #StopEbola.

    Abeg, talk true, what made u leave u r Job. We know it’s not Ebola

    1. Dr Kaybee Avatar
      Dr Kaybee

      chairman keiskwerd…i appreciate that u commended d writer on his effort to create awareness. In as much that we know that d incubation period is btw 2-21 days and as well as d fact that the virus isnt transmissible until the individual is symptomatic…one question, in Nigeria of today,do u think the general public knows dat? the writer’s way of putting this down is d only way to startle Nigerians on the need to take precaution. Your view about the privacy of the deceased, i think u nid to start from d media (newspapers,NTA,Channels e.t.c) cos i believe the writer himself got a name and face from there… R u going to sue the media?

      1. keiskwerd Avatar

        Chairlady Kaybee

    2. chydee Avatar

      Hello Kieskwerd,

      Something tells me you’ve read a lot of books. Fiction, non-fiction, fiction loosely based on non-fiction, etc. These are various writing methods. For example, The Da Vinci Code inferred that Jesus ‘knew’ Mary Magdalene and they had a child. It morphed real events with fiction and became a bestseller. I didn’t hear anything about Jesus’ family suing Dan Brown. Ok, Jesus was 2000+ years ago. Patrick Sawyer is current. Let’s get down to business.

      1) Did Patrick Sawyer bring the Ebola virus into Nigeria or not? He did. Fact. Did he know he had the Ebola virus before flying into Nigeria? YES. I think HIS WHOLE FAMILY SHOULD BE SUED because their son could be endangering the lives of millions of Nigerians. But of cos, the world doesn’t work that way. A dead man’s privacy is more important than an article that could eventually safeguard the lives of innocent people.

      By the way, the “this work is fiction” disclaimer in the Author’s notes absolves me of any litigation.

      2) Yes, the incubation period of the virus is 2 to 21 days, and it can be contracted from only symptomatic patients through body fluids infected by breaks in skin. This includes the oral orifice, if I’m not mistaken. I ensured this story took that into cognizance.

      3) Is there a cure or vaccine for Ebola yet? If this strain has a 64% mortality rate, you mean 64 people dying out of every 100 infected persons is hope-inspiring? Yes, a story about hope would be cool and all. But would it not be a lie if an epidemic occurs and someone you know is amongst the 64%?

      4) Nothing spurs carefulness more than fear. Besides there’s a portion of the Authors Note that mentions how Ebola can be contracted. Would you want to make sure you don’t have a break in your skin before you know not to go close to an infected person? Have you ever asked yourself why Ebola victims are quarantined and their attending doctors are always well covered up? I hear they wear face-masks too. What is it for? In my opinion, better to instill fear and a call to action than create an impression of hopefulness in the face of impending doom.

      5) I did not quit my job.

      Thank you.

      1. keiskwerd Avatar

        Yay! Glad u replied as I was beginning to think u responded to only praises. A writer should welcome criticism and should not shy away from a ‘debates’😙👏.
        To the meat of the matter.
        I try to read. I love to read but I’m not a connoisseur in these things. But asides cases like Osama who have been deemed ‘persona non grata’, I’m not sure I know of any fiction loosely based on non fiction in which real live events were cited and the name not changed without prior permission from family. I stand corrected. Again, I’m not an authority. Should I bother responding to the reference to Da Vinci n Jesus😬 Seriously?
        Now can u categorically state that Sawyer knowingly took the virus into 9ja? He knew his sis was afflicted before she died. But had he been diagnosed? We can’t state. Remember that the initial symptoms are vague. Add the initial denial factor. Add fear of stigmatization, add his work commitments and I wouldn’t blame him. Blame and Sue instead the system that allowed him nurse his sis. The system that recognised his sis died of Ebola and did not keep him for close monitoring till he was given an all clear, The system that left borders porous assuming business as usual. He is a victim. A week, 2weeks before he had never heard of Ebola. Let’s not make him the villain.
        ‘ A dead man’s privacy is more important than an article that could eventually safeguard the lives of innocent people.’……u don’t get me. Granted this is a public health problem, the individual patient has rights. The hospital owed it to him to ensure his name was not released. (Information control is such a challenge I know, what with working with untrained staff who don’t know the gravity of some issues). Like he is the official face of Ebola. Asides the nun from Congo, the afflicted doctors involved, I’m not sure there is any other victim’s picture more circulated. Luckily we have more pressing issues like curbing the spread so no1 is bothered about that and it’s significance pales at this moment. Doesn’t make it right.
        Ofcourse it includes the buccal mucosa. I’m just worried that this lady who knows how to give mouth to mouth is patronising a chemist. Also that a Nigerian is giving mouth to mouth at all, even with barrier to a stranger?:mrgreen: Bring the ambubag pls. Slim chance dear. The only time I heard that happened was when a postgraduate doctor’s exam hung in the balance. Oh, and on mannequins.
        The importance of hope cannot be overemphasised. Do u know there’s a community in Sierra Leone that prevented doctors from entering despite harbouring victims cos they believed if they took them the patients would die like all the others that have died? Don’t mess with hope.
        Nothing spurs carefulness more than fear…..no ma. I don’t agree with u.
        Your work held so much. It’s a tool for government IMO. Government needs to read this. I’d rather that people had hope but government was kept on its toes. Govt needs to know how easily it could spread. How much could have been taken forgranted. So well done. Don’t get the impression r on opposite sides.
        😄 Just checked again n saw u didn’t quit. 👍

  77. Anna Ben Avatar
    Anna Ben

    Its really scary

  78. adekunbi Avatar

    So scary

  79. remmy Avatar

    Very intriguing piece….Gifted from above well done chydee

  80.  Avatar

    beautiful piece. very nice. i write too but mostly poetry. if you need a poet for this site… Ild love to show you what I can do, and if you Dont like it… its okay.

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    Abegunde Mojisola

    exhilarating, carrying, beautiful, short but packed piece. this writer is good.

    I write also but mostly poems… so if you need a poet for this site, I think I’ll be happy to show you what I can do… thanks

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    nice piece… very attention taking.

    if you need a poet for this site… I write poetry and I think I might be what you need.
    please contact me.

  83. Rosekate Avatar

    Chidi you have done a good job. God bless you.

  84. Famous Avatar

    Wow! Really “EDUMATING” (ie. Educating, Informative, and Entertaining). Many thanks to the brilliant author for the timely piece work of art. Kudos to the contributors for the further education – no one tree makes a forest irrespective of its size, make, age, etc. Together, we shall succeed in nipping the virus in the bud. Let the message/awareness spread like wild fire.
    KUDOS to ALL!!!

  85. Nnadozie jennifer Avatar
    Nnadozie jennifer

    Wow! I got scared dere 4 a moment nd touched aswell. D whole scenario mite b real like u said. Awsome write up nd piece, it was rili educatin nd has awoken d awareness in me. Thank you

  86. Muritala Arisekola Avatar
    Muritala Arisekola

    For a moment there,I was thinking it was the real scenario..u really got me. Anyways,my opinion is yes we should all take to measures in order to avoid contacting this epidemic as much as possible but we should not start living in fear dt could harm us in another way. I mean it ddnt kill evrybody in liberia and seirra leone,so naija’s case won’t b any different. Thanks!

  87. philip, Avatar

    So scary.

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  89. remarkablescribe Avatar

    Reblogged this on remarkablescribe's Blog and commented:
    This is fiction but not too unlikely in the light of the present circumstances in the nation. Read and do beware.

  90. remarkablescribe Avatar

    This is a Beautiful write-up. God bless that imagination of yours, Chidi.

  91. moji Avatar

    Meeeeehn,u r a very talented writer.You got me at first,and I was so scared that was exactly the way it happened,until I got to a place where I discover it was mere fiction.I commend ur way of sensitizin Nigerians about this deadly virus.May almighty God shield us from this plag u

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  93. ` Avatar

    the analysis looks too, too real, i hope it doesn’t come true. if it happens this way, then this country is doomed. God help us

  94. Michael Avatar

    Thanks for this…God bless you.

  95. samuel Avatar

    Lolz,u1kill pesyn!fear wan kill me self. B4 ebola.God wil save us o&i pray it wouldn’t neva apen in Nigeria!der ar already2case of ebola patient in general hospital

  96. ayo Avatar

    Am sorry for Africa! Am so sorry for Africa for it cannot take care of itself. We are advised to wash with sanitizers and soap and no government nor person of great affluence and influence is investing in research of this dreadful disease for a cure. We are just farting around waiting for an answer from Europe and America. Two American aid workers that were infected while working in Liberia got a secret serum flown to them under strict precaution and which reversed the symptoms just after about two hours of administering the medication and both workers have since been flown back home in an air ambulance.

  97.  Avatar

    Hmmmmmmmm! I got scared initially not until I got to the point where I realised it was just a mere fiction. God help us



  99.  Avatar

    great write up. God bless u for this.

  100. Natasha Avatar

    This is superb and awesome…You are really a wonderful and gifted writer with the rare talent of imagination…. thumbs up….

  101. Cynthia Avatar

    O God have mercy

  102. Melvis Avatar

    Great write up dear,it is an eye opener .thank you so much.

  103. olabisi Avatar

    Great write up,kudos to u.God save us from ds deadly disease called Ebola virus

  104. zika Avatar

    Great write up…..and we’ll constructed. really captivating..

  105. zika Avatar

    I meant “well constructed”

  106. Sola Ayeni Avatar

    Good write-up, your story is very possible and my advice for people is to take preventive measure possible. In addition if you don’t have something serious to do at Lagos DO NOT GO.

  107.  Avatar

    Very educating

  108.  Avatar

    Very educating…welldone! Theodora I- Oyebade

  109. LEEK Avatar

    What a great job done my brother, but one thing is sure, God’s undeserved kindness is Nigerians only hope. Thanks

  110. Dapo Avatar

    This is a nice write-up, scenarios here are great possibilities. We need wide public enlightenment and we must put sentiments apart. May good Lord keep us.

  111. benez Avatar

    Tnx 4 d info,but i pray this imaginations of yours doesn’t come to pass o!!!amen

  112.  Avatar


  113.  Avatar

    My imagination is running wild.
    I look up to the son of God to come and heal victims of this disease with healing in his wings.I pray for Nigeria, this is underground war, a killer without a gun.

  114. Fidel Ekeanyanwu Avatar
    Fidel Ekeanyanwu

    This is indeed a master piece write-up. But our joy is that Christ had paid the price for us with His blood.

  115. Obinna Chima Avatar
    Obinna Chima

    Fecund imagination!

  116.  Avatar

    This is a nice piece and it is possibly true, a creative and immaginative mind. Am happy u are able to pass this as form of awareness to all Nigerians in diaspora! While reading it I was was scared and shocked at rate at which it spreads, also at the figuartive use of words……… The word suspence was on track…… A very great one…….. Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!! Cheers………. Thanks for the whole lessons learnt….. Chineye

  117. fortune Avatar

    It’s a fictional story but one that should not be undermine. Its true that Jesus has paid the debt on the cross but it is important that we are equipped and know the fundamentals. Please let’s be careful and be cautious of our every action.

  118. barry Avatar

    BREAKING NEWS: it has been confirmed that 3 people in Edo state contacted ebola by eating chicken yesterday,

    A careful study of the chiken fragments by specialist is the lab showed that the virus can reside in birds without affecting there system
    However these animals are pointed out to pick up the virus from there feeds which comes from either trash areas or bushes.
    A warning was passed through by the health care personels in Edo states that
    People should please boil there chikens and other edible flesh properly before consumption and also to apply lime or salt on the chiken before cooking.
    This is a serious warning please do not eat chiken from unknown sources and avoid imported chikens. Please share this to love ones, and let’s fight ebola

  119. Gerald chinasa Avatar
    Gerald chinasa

    First,a wonderful writting skill then a highly informative write-up, keep it up bro and thanks for the info, may God save us from this scourge

  120. mumumugu Avatar

    Wonderful writer

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    Aliyu Allah-kayi

    Is my pleasure

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    Infomation s power…. Tanks fo d infomation

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    Dis was so educatin. Welldone Chydee

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    Nothing to say just had to type something to subscribe. You guys said it all. Great piecre

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