Last Christmas – With my Inlaws

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55 Responses

  1. juliet says:

    Hilarious! Story toh badh

  2. Tola says:

    Laughing out loud!! You made my Xmas

  3. Funsho says:

    Loool, so funny.

  4. Hope Iphy says:

    Always feeding us with your “DreamWorld” experiences. A very nice piece though. Thank God you didn’t wake up this time after heaping the food, at least you ate to your fill before palava struck! Curse that rat!!! Still laughing sef! Funny Chydee….. U no go kill me. Lmao.

  5. Taiwo says:

    Please tell me this is a fiction. I can’t stop laughing… Amazingly hilarious story! Pity you tho…. Wish you had left the kitchen after you ate the rice.. Wish the rat never showed up… Wish you’d called Jeniffer to bring you extra meal after dinner… LOL

  6. Barbara says:

    Loool Chai!! Dat rat must’ve been sent from d deepest part of d village. Kai!

  7. Kiitan says:

    Oh my God! So hilarious! That rat spoilt your show! Good job you did there!

  8. Lawrence says:

    Guy, I must confess, you just made my day. Big ups to you!

  9. chux says:

    Chydee….chai,u got me laughing so hard I wet me pants…ur stories always gets me crackalacking. I hope u weren’t shot sha!! Still laughing hard.

  10. Abayomi says:

    Bhahahahahahahahha! Hilarious!

  11. sam says:

    Meeehn you funny die!!!!

  12. wunmi says:

    OMG! And that is what you call a “gobe moment” Can’t stop laughing, Nice piece.

  13. Abanifi Phoebe Ijeoma says:

    chydee you are a great writer. Really! so hilarious. hahhahahahahhahahahhahahahahjjajaj

  14. zainab says:

    Am in tears. Diz is a veri mad story. U shld write a book.

  15. wunmi says:

    Can’t stop laughing #lwkmd

  16. nnenna says:

    I almost fainted reading this while walking on d road… serves him right

  17. Jez says:

    *Creative*………heart racing write-up, can’t stop but laffin out loud on each paragraphs.

  18. king teazzer says:

    This story is very very scary…u tried chydee

  19. ayokunle says:

    Why use ur nokia fone to steal instead of making a call to ur fiancé wit it? Boy u are good!!this piece is so good, My wife has been wondering who’s making me laugh so hard@my fone..Merry Christmas to u 2

  20. omotoyosi says:

    Really funny. I knew u will break it down d moment it got to d point of samson kicking u. Nice onme

  21. Ajibade says:

    LWKMD…. yeeeeparipaaaooooooooo. You have killed me oooOoo. choi! you can write for Afrika… BigHugs

  22. Joshgyang says:

    Lol…what a story. Absolutely loved it, really funny dude

  23. Ayodeji A A says:

    Hahahahaha, nicely done! Ojukokoro. Should just left after the rice! Wetin!

  24. licious says:

    Very funny. Guess in the end it’s always better to listen to people’s advice but yet follow your gut instinct and stay true to oneself.

  25. tosin says:

    Looool…..cnt stop laughing!!!

  26. Ugo says:

    Hilarious. Nice one bro. Chidi never disappoints

  27. Emmanuel says:

    Lolz, chydee who born u? Ur mama is a Legend

  28. christian says:

    you are so good, I love this story from the begining to the end. This is so hilarious. Thanks bro. Merry Christmas.

  29. tonia says:

    Can’t stop d lafta kudos bro dat was hilarious

  30. Deedee Theo says:

    Chai!!! See tears. My girlfriend is angry I’m laughing at this alone. I have to read it 3 more times before showing her

  31. Lawrence says:

    Uhm..Not a nigerian, buh am from Zambia..nice your creativity and sense of humor..

  32. Meena says:

    This is really funny, made my evening. And to think I stumbled on it by chance, I should be online more often. But honestly, you should write a book. You use words beautifully.

  33. akin says:

    So so so funny. Thumbs up for you bro

  34. adeoye says:

    hilarious as usual… u have gat a great sense of humor.. More greatness, bro….

  35. sarah says:

    Chai @chydee. Bless d day i started to follow u. Mehn u r an epitome of inspiration to evry niaja youth n am so proud of ya.. Big ups darlyn

  36. Ebenezer Oladipupo says:

    Trully hilarious! Gud one my friend.

  37. Toecin says:

    Bad ass writer ✋

  38. Patience Cleopatra Kalu says:

    Lmao… See pesin! Hunger couldn’t have killed you sha… Need to beat up da Samson shaa… Don’t like guys like that

  39. femi says:

    Wow! Nice piece bro…. U going places believe it or not

  40. femmysin says:

    Hahahahahahaha! Hilarious I was expecting you to wake up at the sight of your inlaws ….
    Wow! You are a genius a good writer at that… Don’t worry ooo Oscar coming your way.

  41. oyinB says:

    hahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

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