Twitter Analytics – My Social Media Week Masterclass Presentation

Chidi Okereke, CHydee, Social Media Week Lagos

On Thursday, at the just concluded Lagos Social Media Week, I was privileged to give a Masterclass lecture on “Understanding Analytics with Twitter”. I’d never been to a Masterclass before, not even as a student, so I felt a little nervous. I mean, what if I messed up the presentation? What if I started stammering? What if someone I owed money came there to disgrace me? Anyway, after a few slides, I said something, people laughed, and I was as comfortable as anyone talking to a group of friends.

I learnt a few things from teaching Twitter Analytics though. I learnt that there are tons of people out there who want to understand how Social Media works, and will pay for that knowledge. I learnt I could actually start developing courses and training people on how to effectively use Social Media for their products and services. I learnt I actually enjoy public speaking; teaching, and helping people get better. I learnt that I am actually very blessed with so many gifts …and I should stop being a lazy ass and start making a bigger difference.

I learnt a lot. And I hope you learn one or two things from my presentation. If you like it, share. And if you want to know how to apply lessons from Analytics to your overall communications strategy, you should (in Drake’s voice) call me on my cell phone … *Shines Teeth*

PS: Thanks to all who were at the class. Wonderful audience I tell you. And to those who have tweeted all those kind words at me, I really appreciate. Thank you.

PS2: Thanks to Editi Effiong, for making the presentation waaay better to look at than the original. The day I learn how to design half as much as him ehn …

PS3: Every image in the presentation is an Anakle original. From the beautiful Northern Nigeria to Ofure’s BBOG shoot.

[slideshare id=58748432&doc=twitteranalytics-160226093537]


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