For Editi Effiong – Because #EditiInspires

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34 Responses

  1. Martin says:

    It’s good to see you’re proud of your boss. I wish him a happy birthday. One day….

  2. MsTariah says:

    Happy Birthday to Editi Effiong. God bless you for blessing and inspiring my bro 😀 Live long and prosper.

  3. Ofure says:

    Yeah…. That’s my boss too and he’s cool like that.
    More beautiful years ahead to a boss-ful of awesomeness – Editi Effiong 🙂

  4. Merenma Umeh! says:

    Mr Editi is Awesome! God bless His beautiful heart! And more grace as he lives longer! Happy birthday, Mr Editi.

  5. miss brown.. says:

    Hbd to ur boss….u write exceptionally well chidi…u inspire me.

  6. Deji says:

    Bruv, this is super nice. Your writing is fantastic. Happy birthday to your boss. Wish you both more grace

  7. zainab says:

    He’s done it again. Thumbs up bro

  8. Princess Raheema says:

    Do u knw why we bcame e-frnds frm frm 2go to fb to whatsapp & twitter Chidi? Thou I’ve Neva met u physically, I see a gifted brain in u. U earned dis, u deserve dis, thumbs up. & ur boss, frm what I’ve jst read, he deserves all dat glory n praise plus all d gud wishes in heaven n earth.

    • Chidi Okereke says:

      Dear Raheema, I’m even surprised we’ve never met. I appreciate all the encouraging words, thank you. 🙂

  9. Kiitan says:

    This is so INSPIRING! Happy birthday to your boss! God bless you both!

  10. Mba Odo OKEREKE says:

    The bird is made to fly
    Baby birds must be thought to fly
    Birds roost in nests
    Nests are up in the air
    Do kid birds fall and learn to fly
    Do kid birds learn not to fall and fly
    Do eagles fly
    Do eagles soar
    Birds must fly, Eagles must soar.
    Birds of the same plumage congregate together
    Just as Editti is soaring,
    It’s at at the rarified air that soaring starts.
    Happy birthday to your inspiring boss.

  11. Daisy Uka says:

    So inspiring! God bless him n his heart

  12. chioma says:

    Waooooh. The story is so touching and sweet. I feel like being ur boss right now!

  13. OTDamilola says:

    This is the coolest thing ever!

  14. Dupe says:

    Wow, beautiful, happy birthday Editti, more years, more grace.

  15. Dupe says:

    Wow, beautiful, happy birthday Editi, more years, more grace.

  16. Julius Adeodiyn says:

    This is so inspiring brother. Thumb up to your boss and happy birthday to him. He is truly a dynamic person. God bless you both. Chidi, I see you achieving great successes…May God be with you.

  17. Femi Bakre says:

    I didn’t know too much about Editi until I read this but I can say that I am already inspired! Nice one Chidi 🙂

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