The Boyfriend Snatcher, The Snatchee, and The Snatched

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23 Responses

  1. MsTariah says:

    Accurate is an understatement. This is brilliantly written. Bottom line is, becareful what you share with your friends about your partner. Watch out for yourself also because anyhing can happen to anybody.

  2. Dupe says:

    Thanks for this write up. You are absolutely right. God bless you. I always look forward to reading your writings. ?

  3. Honeyricci says:

    Nice piece. Best thing is to be vigilant

  4. St ALFIUS says:

    Ur wit and prowess is damn commendable. Beautiful write up

  5. 'lulu says:

    This write up is very true. Anyway as there is no bae to be stolen from me, and all my friends are single, what do I do?

  6. Bisi says:

    Very articulate and brilliant

  7. Ogy says:

    Awww nwane this is so kool. At the end you are all you have got asides God best part of write up. Life happens but we learn every day to become more discreet not only on relationship affairs but with life situations in general. If you notice the greatest and weathiest of Men both home and abroad everything about them is lowkey. People cannot attack you if they dont even know what you up to period. Thanks for the write up my bro. Ka inu.

  8. james says:

    Nicce one,writer. @lulu, please drop your email address

  9. Nuatin says:

    “If there is any justice in the word, Laila will be dead, Tayo will still be mine”

    Those are the lyrics that may be playing in Fola’s head now.

  10. glasses_VII says:

    So chydee.. . I am just reading this post even though I was aware when that Sunday they were all trending on twitter… I think you played out the scenarios well.. . And that’s exactly what happened.. I can say this cos Laila and I were classmates in Secondary school and I don’t see her as the scheming type.. . Things Just probably got out of hand. .. Informative piece. .. as usual

  11. Akinkuade says:

    True talk!! I need to put on my antenna and watch out.

  12. Zobastin says:

    Man u hit the point. Friends learn from the weaknesses of friends to play it on.

  13. Ashafe says:

    Powerful write up. God bless

  14. samz says:

    I salute your creativity really interesting and a beautiful write up.

  15. jenny says:

    Hi Chidi, saw your profile on who to follow on twitter and checked you out. I lolled when I read your bio and decided to check out your blog, this topic looked funny to me (especially the snatched part) so I read and I must say it’s a beautiful and brilliant write up, keep it up

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