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  • I actually thought I was poor

    I actually thought I was poor

    When I was about 13, I lived with my aunt and her family. Her house was closer to my school then, so it was convenient. However, on occasional Fridays, I’d go to my own home. My aunt was kind, her house was big – first time I ever had my own room – but nothing […]

  • One Tweet – The Power of a Single Story

    One Tweet – The Power of a Single Story

    Eighty three.  That is the number of emails I sent when I was looking for a job. 83 Emails containing my CV, and asking employers and HR people to help my situation. I cannot count the number of jobs I applied for via Jobberman, Naijahotjobs, and other platforms either. But guess what, only 3 replied. […]

  • Is beating your child abuse or discipline?

    Seeing all the tweets about how our parents raised us and while some are outrightly funny, others are thought-provoking and sad (A few at the bottom of the page). The question remains, is beating your child abuse, or is it discipline? Do these beatings have lasting effects? Are they necessary? Are there better ways to train […]

  • Hello sir, sit your patriarchal ass down

    So, someone started the never-ending “is it solely the wife’s responsibility to cook” argument today. And he was furious with his tweets. The angry chap went rambling about how our mothers used to do all the cooking while our fathers did the providing, hence his wife must comply. See rants: Anyways, I have been […]

  • Open Letter To Gov. Ambode – On The Ban of Hawkers

    Dear Governor Ambode, My name is Chidi Okereke. It appears I am writing you this letter, knowing fully well that there’s only a very slim chance it will get to you. But I will write anyway, because, even though I campaigned vigorously for Jimi Agbaje in the 2015 elections, you won me over when you […]

  • The Boyfriend Snatcher, The Snatchee, and The Snatched

    So, a certain Tayo is trending on Twitter because he is dating his ex girlfriend’s friend. Apparently, they were already sleeping with each other before he broke up with his ex, but that’s not my business. Even though the Tayo and his new bae Laila have been dating for a while, the gist only made […]