Is beating your child abuse or discipline?

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2 Responses

  1. Uchechi says:

    Well am a mum of 3 toddlers. 5, 4 & 2yrs of age. The truth is that most often I flog my kids but on a second thought am beginning to understand flogging all the time may not just be the best way to shape there behavior. In fact most of the time when I beat them is usually because I’ve been under a lot of pressure from work and all so the tantrums I could endure from toddlers usually translates to been impatient and beating them in the end. Parenting requires lots of perseverance but the atmosphere in Nigeria does not even give us that room to be patient with our kids. I pray God helps us.

    • Chidi Okereke says:

      Thank you for this Uchechi. I wanted to mention that SOMETIMES, beating kids is as a result of frustration (that has nothing to do with them), but because I am not a parent yet, I didn’t. I am glad you have identified one of the challenges. Patience is key, indeed. Well done

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