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Twitter Analytics – My Social Media Week Masterclass Presentation

On Thursday, at the just concluded Lagos Social Media Week, I was privileged to give a Masterclass lecture on “Understanding Analytics with Twitter”. I’d never been to a Masterclass before, not even as a student, so I felt a little nervous. I mean, what if I messed up the presentation? What if I started stammering? What if someone I owed...

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For Editi Effiong – Because #EditiInspires

Remember when Facebook was the ultimate Social Media platform? Some time in 2009… ehn? Yes, that was when I first saw the name Editi Effiong. He was my cousin Kelechi’s good friend; Facebook suggested him and I added. We became Facebook friends, but never had any form of communication after that. Fastforward 5 years, I was a Corper in...

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Chidi Okereke – 27 Years of Grace

LOL. I remember when I was 16 and all I wanted in life was to be a Rapper. I thought I’d be a multi-millionaire before I turned 25 too. I had my life all planned out: send a demo to Kennis Music, get signed to the number one Record Label in Nigeria before I turned 18, become the next...