I do Not – Episode 1 to 5

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250 Responses

  1. Tomisin Ade-ojo says:

    One thing for sure you’re a professional but then use Nigerian names the English kinda takes a bit of the fun out of it

  2. Damilola Oluwole says:

    Nice write up,its wonderful.

  3. asotechm says:

    This is wonderful, wating to get more…

  4. chidinma amadi says:

    am loving it…
    dat was 1daful

  5. Mobi says:

    Interesting read bro…although I enjoyed bed of roses better…and your spellcheck misspelt naive…so look it up..but this is really good nonetheless.keep it up

  6. Cini says:

    Very nice one Chydeee…continua

  7. flakes says:

    Dis is vry cool….cnt wait to knw wats gonna apn next

  8. Princess Ibeh says:

    OMG dis is really luvly…..I ddnt wnt 2 stop readin…. Nice one…

  9. Ogechi Ikechi says:

    A really fantastic piece, I love d robust humor, simple diction and plausibility! Pls finish up ASAP!

  10. bryce says:

    I can’t wait for e next part….nice writes

  11. y cute says:

    i wil b so sad if i dnt get to read the concludin part….i luv it…its quite interestin n emotional…

  12. abimbola says:

    Nice piece u have here, cant wait to read the remaining part.

  13. kiki says:

    I just ad to comment,am a bit of a writer mysef,,,,,,,,,,,,great write up allthru!

  14. catherine says:

    The story is captivating

  15. Julia says:

    Rili love dis

  16. blue flame says:

    Would have been a lot easier for me if this was how my parents handle my case when my girl pregnant… Nice write up tho

  17. Ruby says:

    Chai…see gobe!!!….if u don’t complete this story quick ba……**gives u the eye**

  18. Adequate says:

    Very interesting that I could not but read it to the end.

  19. nate says:

    Suspense filled story,,,,guess from all I read,,donald seems like he’s got nothing to do wif da bishop daughters predicament,,,,da mother should hav allowed him sum audience 2 say sumting,,,,let’s watch nd see hw it later unfolds!!!

  20. opeyemi says:

    So Interesting,almost thought I was watching a movie not until I got to the part that says stay tuned then realize I was actually reading a nice write up,keep it up.Please,continue with the next part on time.*wink* God bless you bro!

  21. Blessing says:

    Chydee ur r versatile nd God ll increase u in knowledge.trust me dis whole story thin got me glued 2 ma phn I didn’t wanna stop readin.cheers

  22. @ChykaSlim says:

    This is Absolutely a Fantastic write up, I really enjoyed every moment reading, felt the suspense and Emotions, actually put myslef in Donald’s shoes, “chai I don’t wanna be there”, well done Man, more grease to Ʊя elbow

  23. Esin Jennifer says:

    Nice . V. Nice

  24. chymdii says:

    Okay, now I’m eagerly waiting for the next part. This is nice! Good work! I like the way you stopped it just when the tempo began to rise 🙂

  25. tjazz says:

    Interesting write Up !! Look forward to reading the remaining part

  26. ZiCO says:

    Can’t wait to read the concluding part bro!

  27. Prince says:

    This is a nice piece.

  28. Abigail says:

    This is a very nice story.I can’t wait to finish reading it.

  29. TOYIN ABIODUN (@sweetpearlz) says:

    I must confess, This is Awesome…I not only enjoyed every bit of it but also couldn’t drop my fone from start to finish. I could have sworn i was watching a movie. Welldone CHIDI, You are blowing minds for good. This is very nice, Keep up the good work, dear and God will make you bigger in all you do.#TheFantasticWriter

  30. @ChykaSlim says:

    Weldone man….this keeps getting better

  31. PlssSsssssssssssssssssss finish it up

  32. Obi ebuka says:

    Nyc write-up cnt wait 4 d concludin part

  33. Oyesanya Mosopefoluwa says:

    Spectacular write-up. Writing at it’s peak. What about the continuation?

  34. Margaret says:

    Can’t wait 4 d end

  35. bowalecole says:

    Pls kindly send the rest of the story to email as I’m already absorbed by the write up. The writing style’s fantastic!

  36. ivy says:

    U got me reading till the end. The suspense is superb.

  37. Roberts David says:

    wow……..wonderfull, at 1st i tot it was too long to read but at evry moment i tried to stop readin smtin still got me glued…….cant wait for d concludin part. Pls wen re u updatin.???

  38. datoks says:

    Very interesting, pls how do ℓ̊ get new post vis email. Thanks

  39. Uju says:

    Writing continua.,stopping not allowed.I LOVE IT when are we expecting the next episides?

  40. Yinka says:

    What!!! Dnt tell me av been reading cos I tot I was sein a movie,dis is world class.I dnt read al dis especialy on fone but in dis case I had to move away frm distractions to enjoy evry bit.5STARS.

  41. stanislaus says:

    Lwkm …………very interesting ………crave 4 part 2

  42. Barbara Chuwang says:

    Very interesting stuff. Can’t wait for Sunday. Would you consider making the updates at least twice a week, please? Please?? 😀

  43. yewande says:

    Nice write-up. Hurry up with the continuation.

  44. JOAN says:

    Nys one. A great write up,Can’t wait for d next part(s). Keep it rolling

  45. emily says:

    Omg!!.this is amazing.love this,was disappointed when i discovered i had to wait for d continuation :(.plsss when next will u be posting.

  46. Taslim says:

    Wow… very fantastic! Can’t wait for part 2!!! I have only one advice for d author: MAKE THIS PIECE INTO A BOOK AND YOU’LL BE AMAZED!

  47. bablo says:

    Oops….waz about slappin ma kid sis’ head 2 go insert d 2nd cd…..damn!….dis iz jst on point…..hop 2 see dis in a paperback sum day

  48. niyosha says:

    Great piece bro…..I felt like reading achebe, ekwwensi n Co. The sky is ur spring board

  49. Augustina ( Miz Dave) says:

    One word…Awesome.

  50. Sola says:

    Wow, I use to think I knw only one writer but now I knw two. This is awesome, I had to send to all my sisters before I even finished reading cos it’s too good to read it alone and they have been disturbing me for d concluding part now. Now I knw I av to wait till Saturday.

  51. Augustina ( Miz Dave) says:

    I think using Nigerian names is cool, cos it shows 1st of all where d writer hails from, it depicts dat its nt all rosy here @ naija hence d suitcase battle, then it shows how different families handle crisis of unwanted pregnancies… Bsides u barely see a western write using name that are way of his zone. This reminds me of Chimammanda Adichie’s work. Never forget ur roots. Bsides if u can’t talk of ur own who’s can u tell? Great work bro, if u ask me Chidi should ve been used instead of Donald.

    • chydee says:

      Well I used mostly Nigerian names. But we can’t rule out the fact that many of us have Christian/Foreign names. E.g, ur name is Augustina, mine’s Chidi. I tried to strike that balance. And Donald is so much like me that if I’d given him my name as well, I’d have become confused….

  52. ajike says:

    Hahahaha. Can’t stop laughing. Nice piece. Very captivavting. Pls wen is the next episode coming up? Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. pipi says:

    My opinion: This work is almost perfect,the concluDing part…..can’t wait!

  54. Troy says:

    Its a nice piece… I like your choice of words. It conjures a mental equivalent of the situation in the head of the reader. Thumps up!

  55. vivian says:

    Jeeezzzzz,this is nice dear.

  56. vivian says:

    You write so well.Nice work dear.

  57. ceejaychijioke says:

    dats an intresting article nd i’d luv more of it

  58. Oluseun says:

    All I can say is “well done” nice article.I am patiently waiting for the concluding part

  59. Ahmad says:

    Awesome!!! In d beginin I thought it wz too long jst culdnt stop readin,nw I fink its short,nyc piece.nw I’m countin down 2 d conclusive part…cnt wait 4 sunday 2 cme

  60. ushakuma uja says:

    This is 1 of d most interestin stories I’v read.pls complete it ASAP.

  61. yetty says:

    Wooow..it looked so real as I read every sentence of it. Fingers crossed..really can’t wait to read the cocluding part of this!

  62. in_yourface says:

    Jeez!!!!I was so engrossed,carried away out of this world that I didn’t even realize it was almost over,can’t wait for its conclusion…wonderful.THIS IS PERFECT!!!!!

  63. Oladipupo matthew says:


  64. Christine says:

    Wow ! Dis is breath taking , can’t wait for d conclusion.

  65. Racheal says:

    A Very Captivating Piece. Kudos

  66. steven says:

    wat da …….. ah mean dis stufs so kul. cant wait for d conclusion!!!!!

  67. donabasky says:

    Abeg complete am soon

  68. regina says:

    Wow, dis is just too lovely, cnt wait for d concluding part

  69. oluwasefunmi says:

    OMG!!……pls conclude quickly……

  70. Okoli Chris says:

    Very nice piece that’s why I follow you on twitter, I can’t wait to see the remaining part

  71. Jones says:

    Dis story is touching i just cant wait 2 read d concluding part. Pls sunday come quickly i wana read d story

  72. madera says:

    Your story has held me spell bound from the very first letter to the last. World class story line, well articulated, full of suspence………I can go on and on(no Exaggerations)
    I know it takes a lot of time and hard work to write a story like this and we appreciate it very much but please don’t keep us waiting for too long. I refresh this page at least 3times a day hoping to read the concluding part. I am dying to know where it all ends. Keep the good work going your reward is just around the corner. God bless you.

  73. Laurry says:

    I love dis story. Jst finished reading it, n I noticed its sunday evening, pls wen is d conclusion coming out? Need to finish up dis story cos I cnt tink of anytin else until I do. 9c work dear.

  74. flexy says:

    Nice work pal. You have got creative writing skills and put in quite an effort in this. Keep up the good work and you will surely go places….

  75. vee says:

    Awwww… When are we getting the complete story?

  76. Bee says:

    Pls i nid d concluding part of d story lyk madt! Nice one… Kudos! Dnt u kip us waitin…

  77. Anonymous says:

    pls when is d concluding part coming out, cos i can’t wait…. n pls wat z d name of ur site n itz link,linked it thru twitter n i hv totally fallrn in love with it

  78. Rasheedat says:

    i rili love this story

  79. Omosexy says:

    Did u jst leave us in suspense again,u re jst so dead*faints*

  80. Augustina ( Miz Dave) says:

    Re u serz?

  81. michael-ozee says:

    haba my broda…..why now? why why…..are we waiting anoda week????

  82. midexpinup says:

    So gud nd interestin, arms crossed 4 d concludin part

  83. Ruby says:

    Oh Gawd….pls conclude dis story na….weldone Chi….U rock!!

  84. donabasky says:

    Guy werin dey sup na, finish dis fin once nd 4 all

  85. Barbara Chuwang says:

    Haba!! Six was too short na I feel like I was left hanging 🙁 n till sunday again… *sigh

  86. Mz_Tariah says:

    Niceeeeee! Keep it up bro!

  87. Lanre says:

    Thumbs up chi… I really need to read the concluding part,ur head dey dere chi

  88. Cini says:

    Nice one bro…..suspense!!

  89. Henry says:

    Chaaaaaiiiiii.!!!!! My kinda dream holiday… abeg complete this story I dey go gaga here oooooo

  90. charlesAustyn says:

    Hey! It’s so captivating,keep it up.see ya on sunday 4d concluding part..abi????

  91. Anonymous says:

    Menh dis suspense filled intriguing. & wow love it well done dude kip it up & pls conclude it fast will be waiting ure indeed very creative

  92. Olufunmbi says:

    I̶̲̥̅̊ had τ̲̅ȍ pause a movie τ̲̅ȍ read this…… Pls, where is ₫ continuation ooooo. Nyc work though!

  93. Okoli Chris says:

    This part is short, this suspense getting much

  94. kelvino says:

    Really nice 1 Chyde,soo long nd interestin. Thumbz up.

  95. u are dope……. can’t wait 4 d full story.. nollywood would be better if we had real writers like u…. more grease to ur elbow.

  96. Oluwatobiloba Idowu says:

    Nice!! luv it nd cnt wait 4 d concluding part of it

  97. sparkles says:

    next episode puleeeaaaase!(perfecto!)

  98. tiwaloluwa says:

    Very nice n interesting

  99. Nekky says:

    Ok! Waitin patiently 4 d nxt part…:)

  100. Anonymous says:

    Pls keep me posted

  101. ijay says:

    Oga pls naa, write d rest of d story naaa, av bin finishing d story everyday in my dreams…. Pls its due 4 completion…. Thank u… Keep it up

  102. Vivian says:

    Pls keep me posted cos I can’t wait to finish d story.

  103. Felix Matar says:

    Fiction or Real, you’re indeed a well know how story narrator, full of suspense nd breath taking I have not leave any chances to digest it to the very last

  104. NASA says:

    Pls update me for d rest of d story it’s thrilling…

  105. @skeedo9 says:

    My favorite part is the dinner scene. Big ups bro

  106. kay-lad says:

    U re a wonderful writer

  107. Febechi says:

    Very interesting & breathe taking, hmmm…! So when do I hope to digest the full story?

  108. sonia says:

    I luv dis

  109. Rasheedat says:

    ahn ahn naw wat happened, when i recieved a mail this mowin for an update of the story, i immediately came straight to the site but to my dismay after reading, itz still incomplete…… Chydee pls na, finish up d story, cos dis suspence z getting too much oooooooo hian

  110. DrSamuel says:

    Wow……gr8 story, wonderful lines. Simply kul.

  111. Precious Pearl says:

    Awesome write-up. pls Chydee finish the story.. ‘M waitn 😉

  112. Precious says:

    Dats a nice one

  113. tohluwa says:

    This is nt fair keeping us in suspense. Plzzzzzzzzzzz na finish up d story. Kudos 2 d writer…brilliant write up…pls kip me posted dnt wanna miss d remaining part of d story.

  114. ramat says:

    One chance

  115. de great says:

    Nice one. Kudos

  116. de great says:

    Nice one. Keep me updated on the continuation

  117. Oluchi says:

    let me finish d story…..na d guy get d bele…NO DOUBT..Guys just love to deny after d show don get K-leg!

  118. anderson. says:

    Its a nice one…lovely masterpiece!

  119. Inioluwa says:

    Wonderful…..I’m totally into this story……

  120. damilola says:

    Nice story Line…… 🙂 i so hate suspense tho. Hehehe

  121. taiwo says:

    Luvly story,can’t w8 2 be updated

  122. taiwo says:

    Luvly story,can’t w8 2 be updated.

  123. Anonymous says:

    Pls wot l8a happend

  124. beliameen o.Ab says:

    9c 1………

  125. beliameen o.Ab says:

    9c 1…….

  126. marybelle says:

    Wow must confess dats a nice one u’ve got there,,,hope dan won’t deny the pregnant virgin

  127. lloyd says:

    Dats dope man

  128. @histidine says:

    Nice descriptive story……….

  129. yetundeforsure says:

    9c 1

  130. Clinthine says:


  131. IFY says:

    Very nice..

  132. Anonymous says:

    Mhen i love dis. Complete it tho cnt wait

  133. olaar says:

    Nna this storeey suweet too much. Abeg make I read part 2 quick before I chop

  134. alexabbey says:

    vewi interestin…ah luv diz story most especially d luv parts*eish*winks…fflw me@alexabbey4

  135. Toxcyne says:

    Really funny story,,,iHope its some kind of planned joke tho.

  136. tessy says:

    I dnt see any sence in it,wht does its mean?

  137. M says:

    Awesome job!!!!!!!
    Fingers crossed for the concluding part.

  138. dee says:

    LOL, can’t wait to read more

  139. sandra says:

    niceee 1, cant wait 2 get d complete story even if i have 2 pay 4 it

  140. ifeanyi says:

    Nice one.

  141. khorlla says:

    When are u going to complete this story. It looks like its going to be interesting.

  142. Anonymous says:

    Nice one waitn 4 d rest of it

  143. anonymous says:

    Wen i̶̲̥̅§ Δ oda part comn out?Δ suspense i̶̲̥̅§ killn.

  144. seaka247 says:

    Nice story.. Can’t wait for the remainder… Big ups man

  145. Mz Rhomzciee says:

    Cnt wait 2 read d continuation of d story
    Itz seemz INTERESTING!

  146. tito says:

    Awesome…..a nice piece

  147. nneka says:

    Nice story wat nw apen am so interested

  148. philomina says:

    wow!! nyc one, soo keen to hear d rest 😀

  149. Abisola says:


  150. dedunmola says:

    WowmyGod!!!! Another cool story from a Nigerian, I’m loving this trend….looking forward to the rest of this

  151. abdullahi mohammed says:

    Nice 1. Concluding parts plz?

  152. Ellis says:

    Awwwww so I couldn’t stop I’d hated long piece’s like this, it’s worth it tho

  153. uchechi says:

    Wow!! Nice one

  154. Anonymous says:


  155. nwogu kings says:

    This amazing.I was really engrossed while reading this.

  156. Elvis Edugie says:

    Simply breath taking…this story should be concluded before christmas pleeeeeaaase

  157. charly says:

    Nice piece nigga dnt fail to notify me wen d oda part is bin posted

  158. Wow!!! It such a great piece, can’t wait for the other part

  159. Anonymous says:

    Make sense

  160. aletheia says:

    this is sooooooo awesome…… I’m gonna follow you ryt nw on twitter

  161. charly says:

    Is epi 7 out?

  162. Amazing !! says:

    Wonderful story so far’when is the concluding part coming out?

  163. Whao tis really cool. Wen is the concluding part goin to be ready

  164. Emeka says:

    Very very nice write-up…

  165. dumebi says:

    Jeez I so much enjoyed d reading…jst finished reading episode 5….I will be very happy if u could send me d other episodes thanks

  166. Roberts says:

    Nice story, great plot.

  167. Jerry says:

    Wow!this is so good… i cnt wait for the next

  168. toye says:

    pls u got complete it oooo

  169. azeez says:

    Very nice write-up….pls I wanna read d end

  170. kike says:

    Ooooooh pls u just left me hanging complete it plssssss m dieing to read d’end of d’story plssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  171. Anonymous says:

    Very Very nice write up. I love the inspiration.
    Pls don’t fail to lemme know about the completion of this story……infact here’s my e-mail addy- mrkells.kk@gmail.com. Pls if possible, snd it to my box. I promise to share. Fnx.

  172. bouqui says:

    Pls notify me on my email wen d rest is out: bukkyade93@gmail.com I promise to share

  173. Wilzacar says:

    Soo intresting.pls chydee send me the remainin episode when it is ready

  174. kareezmah says:

    Love this story so much, pls how will I know when d rest of d story is out. Can u pls notify me?

  175. Mizkemmie says:

    Chydee pls complete dis story biko

  176. em dee says:

    finish it up jooo

  177. julius says:

    Ok nyce one,now that u hav succeeded in trapping us,wen r we finishing the story?

  178. Anonymous says:

    Nyc one.

  179. Jake says:

    @Chydee Trust u!!!! U wil finish d story naa…hop u ar nt Donald sha….#TeamDxs

  180. bosun says:

    Please when will you complete this story

  181. slimzy says:

    Nice one! I can’t wait for d conclusion

  182. alphchrs says:

    Very Intresting.. Am much anticipated for concluding part!

  183. Collins says:

    Nice writeup…waiting for the next series.

  184. Hart says:

    9ce write up bt pls can u remove d “Exodus 20:28…” U put up der, am guessin u r a xtian cos only a christian can pull dat move bt pls its also only xtians dat play wit our God’s book, d bible shdnt b played wit lik dat pls…am no fanatic bt I live wit muslims & dis pple won’t stand while u say rubbish abt dier quaran or anytin religious bt wen we christians rubbish ours Y won’t dey join us in rubbishin it?

  185. TiMi says:

    waiting……….for next episode.didnt meet a word in this Write-up.

  186. TiMi says:


  187. diamondarl says:

    That was fucking interesting mehn.I don’t wanna miss the rest.

  188. IniCeeboi says:

    I cant wait for the next episode

  189. iamjoez says:

    Chai… U just made my day

  190. Amaa says:

    Wow! This is a very wonderful piece, it’s as captivating as ‘Lagos and my polythene bag’ keep up the good work, look forward to reading the other part(s) soon!

  191. Idowu Adebayo A. says:

    When will you post d concluding part, Cos I can’t wait plssss

  192. Hardethaewoh says:

    awesome! …the narrative is such that makes the reader feels present in the story.

  193. Anekwe Michael says:

    Wow! Nice one

  194. femmysin says:

    Okay, alright.” Tammy stood up. “Don’t forget Ma wants to see you.” He walked to the door, turned and said, “By the way, if it’s a boy, what would you name him?”

    We allowed you to go spend some time in their home and rather than ‘tap’ from the bishop’s anointing, you anointed his daughter with fruit of the womb…

    These two clauses got me laughing out loud my friends where wondering what wrong with me.. I save my comment till after the last episode.
    Nice one bro.. tapping from your anointing

  1. January 15, 2014

    […] “I do…Not” – Episode 1 to 5. […]

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