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  • I do Not – Episode 7

    I do Not – Episode 7 SEVEN “Every operation has a short cut,” the AutoCAD instructor was saying. “Tap ‘L’ and hit the ‘space bar’ to activate the line tool,” he added. “Done…?” he asked the trainees. Everyone acquiesced except Donald. “Young man … young man…” he called again, tapping Donald’s desk. “Yes … yes […]

  • I do Not – Episode 6

    I do Not They went to the Murtala Mohammed International Airport in a convoy of three cars. Bishop Obuh was chauffeured in a Peugeot 407, Mrs Obuh drove her Toyota Camry while Chinedu, Catherine and Donald rode in the Cherokee. When the female voice behind the microphone announced that passengers for the Lagos-Heathrow flight should […]

  • I do Not – Episode 1 to 5

    I do Not – Part ONE PRELUDE ONE Donald’s face was a mask of horror when he finished reading the letter for a second time. Ten minutes ago, when he had seen the addresser he had looked and felt like ‘the cat that ate the canary bird’- excited. After the first read, he had felt […]