Ultimate Experience

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  1. Abu Shehu says:

    That was quite an experience. Don’t mind them you did well. Just bear it in mind that ‘NOTHING COMES EASY’.

  2. Twitch says:

    Seriously man, you’ll qualify next year. Don’t give up on your dream of becoming rich and famous. Remember “Get rich or die trying”???? Well, the most important part here is “…DIE TRYING.” You didn’t die this year, maybe you will next year…Hehe.

  3. Kopa Solomon Udoh says:

    Kopa chidi, always bear dis in mind dat nothing gud comes easy.

  4. Simon Agwoni says:

    Chydee pls,…”my ribs!” this your own don pass “get rich or die trying” if u go next year u ar just tryin to die 4 fame & money

  5. Febechi says:

    Hahahahahha…Lwkmo! Wot an expernce. Hahhah…! Chidi na u do ursef, u 4go all d wyle dey v bn inviting u by now u 4 don knw d tasks & tactics. Anyways, kudos I wish u d best nxt year *winks*

  6. Monica says:

    Hilarious! Sorry thou!

  7. Uju says:

    OMG I love this…Good work

  8. Jamen says:

    Eiyaah. Hahahahaha. E go better

  9. Fidelia says:

    Oh my God! Is dis hw it is, and am going for d Lagos creening 2moro, God help M̶̲̅ε̲̣̣̣̥ to make it. My story will not end like dis one oh!

  10. Lionezz says:

    LOOOOOOOOOOL………thank God u didn’t die on us, try again next year bro

  11. Dupe says:

    This is hilarious, i can’t stop laughing.

  12. Dupe says:

    This is sooooooo funny, i can’t stop laughing.

  13. Emeka Obagha says:

    Just cant stop laughing. It reminds me of Air force recruitment I went for 3years ago.

  14. madera says:

    I almost choked with laughter when I got to the ‘Tonto Dike’ part, so funny. You knw ur experience @ the Guilder Ultimate Search (GUS) is similar to that of a friend of mine who had all of us picking empty cans for him to participate. He even told his Girl Friend in yankee to watch out for his name on the internet when the competition starts proper.
    He got the ‘ruddest shock of his life’ according to him. They where simply asked to jog round the field but to his dis-believe, he saw everyone run as fast as the could, some even faster than usain bolt! In a bid not to be the last person on the field, he tried to catch up, cupped a groin, and that was the end of his search. Since then me sef no dey try apply at all.

  15. mjay says:

    OMG chidi eh sorry thank God u gat ur life bro ,no worries God is on ur side,and nxt year wen u go u shall be qualified *winks* hugs and kisses

  16. Psychologeekal says:

    Hahahahahahaha….dis piece almost killed me wit laughter, my ribs presently aches terribly!!!! Sorry abt the pain, twld b long gone in no tym at all…only d memories wld linger on…..lovely blog, twas worth reading…@psychologeekal

  17. Anonymous says:

    A wonderful piece there, admire your courage and enthusiasm.lmao

  18. Omosexy says:

    Chydee really made my day wit dis,ve olmost died of laffta here!Chai!u didn’t cheat u only played smart buh am so sorry for d pain @ least Tonto’s album wld ve helped

  19. Great Piece Bro!!! Thumbs up!!! I love the engagement

  20. Kizzie says:

    Lmao…. Sorry bro, making it in life ain’t easy at all. Atleast u got a story 2 tell. Nice piece though.

  21. segzy says:

    wow,chidi,pls dnt kill me wit laugh dnt worh.next year wil b beta.dnt give up,remember “nfin gud cums easy”

  22. vee says:

    Super hilarious!

  23. babyadachi says:

    My belle don tear for hia. Chidi pele. Thank God I got their text message really late. Four minutes ahead of their scheduled time of 8:00am this morning. Don’t mind them, they’re yeye people.

    We won’t Die Trying. Nna, truly, some people actuali need the money more o.

  24. chastity says:

    Hahahaha! Pls when she’s done, tell the +goni woman that I’ll need be needing her to massage my ribs as well. This piece left them aching terribly. Lol! Wow! Really nice one…

  25. donald says:

    God make you bigger……and don’t give up brother

  26. Mozees says:

    Dude you have a way with words… Beautiful piece here. Really enjoyed it.

  27. Barbara Chuwang says:

    LMAOOOOOO!!!!! What an experience!! Look on d bright side; atleast u didn’t lose any teeth in d process….. Or an eye 😀

  28. lubbie says:

    Dis ur story is so funny nd interesting…
    I ws expecting a call up frm GUS after I applied about 3weeks ago cuz I tld everyone who cared to listen dt I ws goin for GUS. I only heard ystday dt pple had been shortlisted nd I ws surprised. Bt as I dino get in I felt its just my luck. It will only gimme time to perfect my swimming cuz for d physically fit part, dts my thing. Thnkz for sharing your experience…

  29. Seyi says:

    I love your write up. I love your construct; i was glued to it.
    I’m also happy for you that when those “Goliathic” piles of body rammed you:
    1. your eyes didn’t buldge out . . .
    2. you didn’t end up in coma . . .

  30. DOFT says:

    Awww, tnk God yu ar safe n sound. A great xperience tho. God hlp yu!

  31. josh says:

    Really funny piece. Your write-up is engaging, riveting, easy to follow & with a tinge of wicked humour. Penned like a master story-teller. At least as GUS no work, u fit get time face blogging abi ? Kudos

  32. virtuous says:

    U’re good….. Like so good; an engineer dah knws hw 2 write….. So rare.

  33. josh says:

    Guy, gimme ur twitter handle jare. U deserve to be followed

  34. chigozie says:

    bro u doin so gr8 kip up d gud work.. Luv ur wryt upz

  35. chigozie says:

    bro u doin so gr8 kip up d gud work.. Luv ur wryt upz. Nice

  36. Chiamaka says:

    wow …this is wow!!!

  37. lexi says:

    I laffed til i had cough..abeg gimme ur twitter handle

  38. Anonymous says:

    Lolzzzzz…,vewi nice piece…enjoyed it

  39. gbenga says:

    Nice one …keep it up

  40. seaka247 says:

    Chydee no go kill person o…..chai

  41. Zita says:

    What an experience……

  42. veraXtee says:

    This is really an interesting story.

  43. Adeyinka Oguntubo says:

    Bob, no be U wan be Ultimate Man???

  44. maureen martins says:

    Lol I hv been laughing since I started reading ur article. Its so funny, since u didn’t make it in gus, u could try writing, u article aint bad @ all. A few touches and its very good. But bros wetin send u go gus audition, must u make money and then break all ur bones

  45. Ifeoluwa says:


  46. Bisola says:

    Funny bt interesting article.U can make it by using ur pen n nt necessarily by using ur muscles.keep it up

  47. Leke says:

    LWKMD…….one of d best

  48. jane says:

    Wow. A very nice one Chydee. Its all good

  49. rahym ray says:

    Very intresting and funny, laFFing Out Loud

  50. Eve says:

    Sorry Darling, go for BBA Audition!

  51. Troy Chainz says:

    Haha! man, you’re funny.^_^

  52. Rumau says:

    Even though I cannot help the hilarious scenes of the sad experience; but I must tell you – you were and you are still brave
    #writing #events #backoff
    You Are Brave

  53. wilson says:

    You were just urself!!! Brave and smart!!!! Funny tho!!!! Just be you!!! Not only gus does it!!!!

  54. stanley says:

    Wow! This is funny and at the same time not…cos these trainings and stuff with the “competitors” aint funny at all_ I wanted to go for that stuff cos of the money oh_mind u when I said wanted, I was planning on registering this year buh I kinda changed my mind abeg… Bros! You try abeg…

  55. aderinwale ayodeji says:

    The expression was made real . Well done , you killed it so much

  56. diamondarl says:


  57. goochie says:

    mehn…so pathetic but even more hilarious.I almost peed on me..

  58. Anonymous says:

    Well written piece.. maybe there’s a future for u in writing…u never know how life brings out ur inner talents. very interesting piece. Captivating all the way

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