Government critics

Should people who criticize the government accept contracts/jobs from them?

Should they?

I’ve been seeing tweets implying that people who criticize this administration should not accept legit business contracts from them. LMAOO. You people are funny.

Imagine paying tax and being told you cannot accept opportunities your COUNTRY is offering you, because you are critical of the CURRENT people leading it.

Imagine somebody who owns an Advertising Company being called a hypocrite because even though he criticizes the government, his company was paid to promote pro-government ads on their Digital Billboards — the ones he spends millions maintaining monthly — tax, power, staff, etc.

Imagine you’re a badass graphics designer and printer, and you’re being called a hypocrite because you received a contract from the FG (you criticize) to print media materials.

Imagine you’re a brilliant cyber-security professional and you were invited by the FG to come plug the leaks in OUR COUNTRY’s cyber space, but because you believe this government sucks, people expect you not to accept the invitation.

Imagine having a PhD in Agric, and being asked by the Ministry of Agriculture to train rural farmers, but because you are critical of this government, people tell you to reject it.

Imagine being a doctor, and rejecting a job in the National Hospital, or refusing to attend to President Buhari because you don’t like him personally.

Imagine being an air hostess and a lucrative opportunity arises in the Presidential Fleet, but you are expected to not take it because you are critical of this government.

Imagine being a lifestyle journalist and being shamed for filming an Aso-Rock exclusive with the first family because on a good day, you criticize president Buhari.

Imagine a chef who believes this government is not working being abused for feeding guests at a function organized by the government.

Imagine being a Digital Communications guru and being told you cannot teach staff of the Ministry of Communications how to improve on their duties because in your personal capacity, you don’t fail to take this government to the cleaners.

Just imagine being a professional and not being able to contribute (in your own little way) to the development of this nation because you criticize the TEMPORARY government leading it.

In Nigeria, it feels like the moment you get a contract with the government/government institutions, you are supporting the CURRENT ADMINISTRATION, and they own you. NEWS FLASH: Government/Public contracts are not meant for only those who kiss the asses of the government in power. They are and should be open to EVERY tax paying individual who is competent enough to carry them out. Don’t play yourself rejecting opportunities that will benefit you JUST because you feel like people will call you a hypocrite for working with the government you criticize. You are working for yourself, your family, your business, and if we want to be extra, your COUNTRY. Full stop.

We need more people who are not sycophants to work in public service. People who can speak truth to power without fear of losing their jobs/contracts.

We need more people who criticize the government to get opportunities in sectors they’re experts in so they can change things from the inside — and if they fail, we shame them harder.

We need the government to know that opportunities are not the exclusive right of ass lickers. And nobody should lose their jobs for being honest about the state of the nation.

We need our institutions to be semi-autonomous from the government, so people’s personal opinions about the government do not determine the fate of their legit business dealings with public organizations.

Most importantly, we need people to not lose their voices when they get contracts/jobs with the government. That same energy you used in criticizing, maintain it when you get there. I understand that you may see things differently from the inside, but do not fail to document the new knowledge, and share with those who followed your trajectory. Do not turn into a sycophant, and/or look the other way when the things you once vehemently criticized are happening.

Do NOT lose your voice. If you do, shame on you.

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