How did I not die in 2016?

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  1. Debby says:

    2017 will not kill you indeed! Nice write up and break down for the year 2016.
    Can’t believe how you remembered what happened in each month, I can’t remember what happened in February this year…lol!
    I hope you weren’t single this year’s Valentine?
    Just found this place and I plan on making it a home.

  2. oyinB says:

    am just reading this 8 days to 1 year you wrote it. (lol). You sure are a very good writer among other grt talents. hope Sominabo and Chiemezie are still your very good and trusted friends? hope you’re now married? hope you’re spending the new year with your family in ohafia this year? hope you now fly business class? (sml) really enjoy your write ups! see you in 2018!!!

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