I am Sorry, Queens College Girls

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  1. graham elendu says:

    Nice one Chidi. Indeed trying to save the name of the school as against protecting the girls would do more harm than good.

  2. graham elendu says:

    Nice one Chidi. Indeed trying to save the name of the school as against protecting the girls would do more harm than good #useftinkam#

  3. Dupe says:

    Nice Chidi, So proud of you for not being sorry.
    Your right up is on point we are blessed that you are a Nigerian and you speak without fear. God bless and increase you in all sides

  4. Yemi says:

    Very well written.

  5. MsTariah says:

    This country keeps failing us! But thank God for our “voices”. I pray this man pays for his sins.
    Nice write up, God bless you for this.

  6. Oyin says:

    Thank you for sharing your “sorry” article. There’s so much wrong doings, being protected by the people expected to protect the girls. Big shame on the Management of QC for failing us all. As a y2k QCOG , I’ve always seen myself as a queen. If this case is not taken fiercely, these innocent girls and unheard voices of victims will probably see themselves as…………..

    • Chidi Okereke says:

      Thanks Oyin. You are a queen. And we must do all we can to ensure all young girls grow up with the queen mentality. Then they will treat themselves and expect to be treated better. Then the world will be a better place, I believe.

  7. Samuel Stephen says:

    Great job here Chidi!

  8. This is a nightmare that has traumatized so many females in this country especially the very young ones. I pray the government we live in wakes up to it’s responsibility and fight against such child molestation, rape, and paedophilia. Even if QC says Seni is innocent, what about other cases like this that have filled our TV screens and news websites ? The truth can not long be hidden. I commend Mr.Chidi for this inspiring, creative and exposing piece on a fast rising danger of our society. I condemn those promoting such negative vices. I hope you don’t wait till your daughter, sister or relative comes and gives you a shocking story her experience with a ‘Seni Oshifala’. #IstandWithChidi #ProtectOurGirls #KickOshifalaOut

  9. osayisweet says:

    The authorities have a way of treating the public like we can’t think, how can someone cover this up, and they have daughters of their own…. can they at least pretend to care? it’s quite depressing they don’t care and have to make the girls that need protection forget about themselves and start protecting this Mr seni. That’s just man inhumanity to man, and they should all be probed. The guy should even be removed from that school whether the rumours are true or false, as long as his integrity is questionable, dude should be isolated.

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