Guilty as Charged …

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  1. G.O weli says:

    I think this will go a long way

  2. Victor Alabi says:

    Nyc piece bro….buh u knw wha it will take to convince me to reason in ine with u???

  3. sally says:

    I am a lazy tweeter..all I do is read what you people write and I get entertained from it..I followed you on the advise of @sakastic and I have shared ur jokes with my mum..that’s telling you a lot. Well when you started on the foward Nigeria hype, I wondered where you were going with it. But I trusted my initial impression about you, that you were an intelligent person and now I see that I was not wrong! I am from Kaduna Sate, I hate what is happening in my state and Nigerai as a whole.I still haven’t decided who am casting my vote for yet because had the idea that they are all from the same pot, but am gaining perspective.Keep up the good work chydee. Lots of respect.

    • Chidi says:

      Thanks Sally. God bless Sakastic for refering me to you. God bless you more.

      It is comments like this that keep me strong. That keep me on the path I consider right. Thanks for being objective. Thanks for seeing beyond the timeline. Kaduna state will be better. Nigeria will be better. After February 2015, we may not have all what we want – 100%, but we definitely will have better than we currently do.

      Stay strong.

      God bless you 🙂

  4. innomside says:

    @Chydee, that’s a wonderful piece of academic work. You did quite well, and am impressed with your gift of rhetorics. However, facts are very different from mere ability to use and twist words. From what I can understand from your writing, A. Abubakar has the vision and passion to better develop Nigeria than GEJ is doing at the moment. Hhhhhmmmm, permit me to remind you (because I believe you already know) that practical act of governance is more complex than lofty ideas. Conjuring up ideas is one thing, midwifing them into concrete reality is another thing.
    According to you, one of the many reasons why you view him more capable than the others is that he is down to earth. He mixes more freely with the youth, he smiles at the very least attention, always ready and available to talk to anyone who cares to listen about his visions on how to move the nation forward. And what’s more? He knows you, and GEJ doesn’t.
    I have some questions for you @Chydee;
    1 Can you tell me a political office aspirant without some lofty ideas and visions on how to magically change the world if given the vote and opportunity?

    2 ideas and reality which should we be facinated with?

    3 for how long have you known Atiku Abubakar?

    4 Do you know that A. Abubakar doesn’t know me?

    Lastly, don’t tell me whether you are paid or not. Every good politician has a well paid piper, you are not different.

    • Chidi says:

      Hello Innosmide, thanks for the first two lines. Let’s start from line 3.
      Yes, the practical act of governance is more complex than lofty ideas. Atiku was vice-president for 8 years, so he knows the Nigerian political/administrative system. The Customs system works like the military and he was a Customs officer for 20 years, so he knows the military, the civil and public service …he should know security. He has developed successful farms, so he knows agriculture. He has a group of schools spanning all levels, so he knows education. He is an employer of thousands of people, so he knows how to create jobs. He is running a great campaign, so he knows management and how to recruit smart people. I know he is capable because of these (and other things) not because he knows me or knows how to interact with young people. Of course I am flattered and honored to have been able to interact with him on a one on one basis, but I am not going to mortgage the future of my unborn children based solely on that.
      Answering your questions:
      1) All candidates usually have lofty ideas. But for this particular race, GMB has none that I’ve seen. GEJ is running on a transformation agenda I, and millions of other Nigerians are unsatisfied with. Atiku has plans and footprints to back their feasibility.
      2) 1 should give the answer.
      3) I knew him after he became VP in 1999.
      4) If you’ve ever mentioned him on Twitter, he just might know you.

      Lastly, you wrote like a smart person so I believe you saw the sarcasm behind the “yes I’m being paid” theme. I assume the accusatory tone of your outro is meant to piss me off, but it’s fine. It’s the internet. We’re all free to say whatever 🙂

      • innomside says:

        @Chydee thanks for your response, but I strongly belong to the school of thought which believes that developments should be consolidated and fostered. GEJ should be supported to consolidate on his achievements before a novel idea is introduced. The Americans whose system of democracy we copy understand and practice more what am talking about.
        If we continue to change government at every little introduction of new ideas, lofty as they may appear, then we may not arrive at the apogee of development. Accepted, we have to try new methods in order to get it right. But you don’t abandon a project midway without getting to the end in order to have a positive or negative conclusion.

        • Chidi says:

          How many more children need to die before his achievements are consolidated? How many more towns need to be taken? How many more fresh graduates roam the street looking for jobs? How many half-baked students graduate from our Universities?

  5. Comrade kuta says:

    Your write up is educative and matured. With this I follow you despite your refusal to mention my preferred candidate Kwankwaso.


    @ chydee its not a bad write up and not a bad course. I know Atiku well but I believe the party stands a better chance with the combination of younger and more vibrant candidates such as kwakwanso and ameachi as president and vice respectively. . I will prefer GMB and atiku throw there weight behind these two in order to better the lives of Nigerians. Atiku is a man of the grassroot and youth any day any time because he started from base as an almajiri, but we have seen that in the past that has not work for him. I believe if APC combine the qualites of all there aspirant and place it all on kwankwanso and Ameachi the north, southwest and part of east and south south will be there’s which means major victory

    • Chidi says:

      Thanks Azeez. Atiku has a mighty wealth of experience and is a grassroots mobilizer. He is APC’s best chance of defeating the opposition.

  7. Charles says:

    Unfortunately, Chydee’s conscience has been bought with money. Anyway, that’s an Igbo man for you. They can do anything for money.

  8. Cindy says:

    Nice piece bro. Your use of words is everything. It reminds me of Odili, the man that is blessed with words. But you see this Atiku movement. You need to convince me again 🙂

  9. Cindy says:

    Nice piece bro. Your use of words is everything. It reminds me of Sir. Dr. Peter Odili, the man that is blessed with words. But you see this Atiku movement. You need to convince me again

  10. Ridwan says:

    I really admire you and what you are doing. Am just scared of politicians, they used and dumped people. I wish you luck in this political adventure.

    • Chidi says:

      Thanks. We cannot leave politics to politicians alone anymore. If they fail, we suffer. If they do well, we enjoy. Let us strive to elect people who will do well

  11. deetwo says:


  12. @IamOluAde says:

    Hello Mr @chydee, nice write up… I decided to follow you some months back because of your humorous nature and seriously you have never disappointed me. But I was getting pissed and angry when you were promoting the #forwardNigeria, but this revelation has shown which side you are on…Kudos. But what I believe might be different from what you stand for. I just want you to take this as my opinion and no offence.
    I believe people are judge with their past and experiences which I think is a measure for almost every aspect of life, that is why a company will request for CV just to know about past and your experiences before hiring . You don’t expect me to trust you if you have betrayed me before .I have no problem with Atiku , but I think based on the past, he has not impressed me . His achievement in the 8years in government as a VP is not enough to convince me ‘and not to confuse me’ that he is the right man . Like a guy commented earlier , having an ‘political agenda’ is a different ball game to executing it. I just hope the right candidate who can challenge GEJ win for the opposition. I’ll gladly support anybody that is not GEJ. I stand for change , I stand for the truth, I stand for a better Nigeria.

    Please kindly download and watch this video
    and make a research on the things that was said. I believe we both stand for the same cause…#AbetterNigeria

    • Chidi says:

      Thanks OluAde, I pissed a lot of people off by tweeting about the achievements of this government. But one can never satisfy the whole world. Moved on.

      Now what did Atiku do when he was VP? Let me quote him:

      “Coming in after decades of military rule, Nigeria was in a very bad shape all round. Priorities were decided. We started by stabilizing the polity – if you remember, there were many uprisings. My primary job was in the economy. We curbed inflation, sold off bad assets, fixed our debts and consolidated the banks. I oversaw the execution of the banking reforms by CBN, & supervised the telecoms reforms which brought us GSM. Could we have done better? Yes. Did we do well, yes. Our telecoms project is a big legacy, for example. But, the VP cannot drive change, honestly. A VP executes the president’s agenda as assigned by the president. The VP can only do what the boss asks. I was put in charge of the economy in the first tenure for example. In my second, due to issues I’ve decided to put behind me, at a point, all my staff were withdrawn. So a VP really has no powers except the President allows.”

      I think this explains his challenges. But the fact that he was active and visible when he was VP under a very active and bossy Obasanjo should let you know he is a doer. I mean, look at Sambo for example today. What has he done since he became VP?

      I will look at the video and revert. Thank you 🙂

  13. Iyke Emery says:

    Well, Mr chidi “ka” Atiku appears to be the consensus candidate on twitter, I like his campaign strategy, I like his humility, but Atiku does not have what I call”national colouration” Buhari is more acceptable in the North than Atiku, his chances are very slim, am not a fan of GEJ but Atiku can’t match him, if the allow the election to be held on independent candidacy for instance, it would be 1GEJ 2GMB 3Atiku…Atiku is going nowhere bro, there is no magic that can take him there

    • Chidi says:

      When you say national coloration, then add that GMB is more acceptable in the North, do you mean the North is Nigeria? One of Atiku’s strongest qualities is charisma, and the ability to build bridges accross all age, sexual and locational demographics. In the core north, GMB may (and that’s a BIG may) have more votes than Atiku, but nationally, the general doesn’t come close.

  14. zainab says:

    Ace hw do u do diz? Hw do u accuse urself n still luk good?

  15. aisha says:

    @Chydee,my heart bleeds for the youths of my generation. My stand is this,there should be no votes until we all join hands irrespective of our tribal,religious or political views and stamp out insurgency. Think about all d youths who perished today.#nofsaid#

  16. Dupe says:

    Hmmm, well I was thinking about u and ur tweets over the weekend, my thoughts then was the @Chydee I use to read his tweets was a critic of the Jonathan administration then all of a sudden, it was #forwardNigeria tweets all over ur TL, I was wondering what happened, I guess this explained it. All I know is all this politicians are birds of the same feather, I guess it’s the Naija’s mentality of selfishness or maybe it’s a disease in politics that every politician gets infected with or maybe it’s been inbuilt into each of us I don’t know, we have selfish leaders in this nation, when they are voted into power, they will forget about their promises to the masses, the first four years will be use to campaign for re-election. None of them is ready to be selfless. I guess there can never be another Mandela in this generation.

    • Chidi says:

      I’m glad this article explains it. Are politicians really birds of the same feather? I mean, Nelson Mandela was a politician as well you know. The point is, we have given GEJ a chance and things have not gotten better. Someone else should serve us.

  17. pepple felix says:

    Nice one bro.both ur articles and responses are always catchy.more grease to ur elbow.

  18. Kizzie says:

    Your writeup is quite mature. Am an advocate of change…. change in infrastructure, change in educational system, change in employment, change in security, change in local communities, change in the life of an average citizen of Nigeria…. and I must tell you, am not seeing that! Am venting my anger in traffic that should at most take 15mins from my house to the office but spending 2hrs all because someone is doing campaign today (so I heard) in abuja and heavy military roadblocks are mounted on every road leading to the centre of the town to protect them from insecurity which they created. Tell me, who are they protecting? I don’t believe in this government no more…. I need change, We need change, Nigerians need change! Thank you and God bless you!

    • Chidi says:

      Thanks Kizzie. We are on the same page. Maybe the difference is, I know the exact change we need. But, fact remains, this government has failed us. So, keep sensitizing everyone you can…tell them they should not give up on Nigeria. It is you and I that will finally vote for that change we desire.

  19. meskana says:

    Quite intresting writeup, I will do the same thing u did if I got paid by Atiku but for now GEJ is the man. Opposition party created boko haram to spoil GEJ govt and now that terrorisim is trending, they are now placing the blame on GEJ all in d name of politics, even Atiku cannot stop BH now. We need to support GEJ and Pray for Nigerian cos it is only God that will save us.mark my word….GEJ is destined for 2015 by Gods grace. Forget all this political propagandas,enjoy the money but vote wisely #PrayforNigerian

    • Chidi says:

      You start with a jibe about me getting paid and then go on to say Boko Haram is sponsored by the APC. Just shows how intelligent you are. Cheers.

  20. 'Demola says:

    Good Work. Can you pls advice Turaki campaign organisation to keep updating the Atiku Media Office On the bbm platform for us that don’t tweet? I and some friends are actually looking forward to updates pls

  21. kem says:

    When a cause captures your heart… lend your weight to it.

    Great blog sir.

  22. Merenma Umeh says:

    I feel like I just returned from Uranus, Chydee! Keep up the beautiful work, sweetie! I am proud of you! You inspire me, a lot

  23. Odilamma says:

    Wow, Speechless after Reading this, you always make a point. I enjoy every piece that you drop here, you a such a blessing to your generation, i am motivated by your right ups. God bless you Chydee. I am glad that i follow you on twitter.

  24. Kiitan says:

    So educating! Nice writeup!

  25. j says:

    you are guilty as charged.

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