About Chydee

Chidi ‘Chydee’ Okereke is a Digital Communications Professional. He helps brands and public services connect with their target audiences and tell better stories using Social and Digital media. He writes and hopes to publish a book very soon (although he has been saying this for 8 years now, 2017 is his year). He has been seen and heard on Local and International TV, Radio, Newspapers, Blogs, etc, where he talks about Gender Equality (Feminism if you will), good governance, LGBT rights, Online Reputation Management, Public Relations, and so on. When he’s not challenging regressive norms, he watches movies, tweets, makes plans on becoming Nigeria’s president someday, and wonders why he spent 9 years acquiring an Engineering Degree he’s not using for anything.

He is the Editor in Chief of www.lists.ng and Team Lead at Thisruption Communications, a Digital Marketing Agency.

Follow him on his Social Media pages: Twitter @Chydee; Instagram @Chyddee; Snapchat @Chyddee and email him for business – c@chydee.com.