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Chydee 66

Ultimate Experience

Where I’m from, 10million Naira is a lot of money. But after my Gulder Ultimate experience, I have come to believe that it is a LOT MORE money where some other people are from. I mean, I used to think I desperately needed money and fame, but there are thousands of people who need it more desperately. I’ve been...

Chydee 250

I do Not – Episode 1 to 5

I do Not – Part ONE PRELUDE ONE Donald’s face was a mask of horror when he finished reading the letter for a second time. Ten minutes ago, when he had seen the addresser he had looked and felt like ‘the cat that ate the canary bird’- excited. After the first read, he had felt amused. This definitely was...

Chydee 31

Bed of Roses

Who said life isn’t a bed of roses…? Of course, life is sweet….sweet when you’re wealthy. I am not only rich, I am famous as well….Rich, Famous and…hehehe….very handsome! The Limousine was very close to the Staples Center, Los Angeles; venue for the 56th GRAMMY Awards. I had been nominated in seven different categories including the Honorium Glorium- Album...